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The 12 Chakras: Build a Connection With the Universe Through Them

May 18, 2020

In this article we will focus on the 12 chakras and how you can use them to bring light and peace to your inner being.

We will also explore the meaning of each of the 12 chakras and what each does or can assist you with when in balance.

Chakra, from the Sanskrit 'chakram', literally means 'wheel.’

The concept is used in various Eastern traditions to indicate points in the body called Nadis, energy flows that come together.

Often the chakras are depicted as lotus flowers - each chakra has its number of petals.

There are many different interpretations of what chakras are precisely, and many other Western descriptions have been added over the past hundred years.

The great thing is that the chakra concept lends itself very well to this: whatever you do with it and however you look at it, the basic idea remains the same.

It can be discussed whether the addition of colors to the chakras makes a real contribution to the chakra experience, but I believe that discussion is purely subjective.


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7 Sacred Signs From the Universe

What Are Chakras?

For clarity, the 12 chakras, like the Nadis, are not physically present in the body.

Traditionally, nevertheless - you will also find people who count the chakras as parts of the body.

In this article, however, we assume that these are purely imaginary work points and are, in reality, more wholesome than just body points.

We will consider them as points that actually influence your spirit, mind, soul as well as the body.

The influence we supposedly exert on the chakras with external factors such as touch, sound, or color is a kind of spiritual 'placebo effect.’

Because we are so vividly imagining the chakras, and remembering that the colors, smells, or sounds we dedicate to a particular chakra can affect that chakra; we believe that we perceive changes within the chakras.

Does that make the whole chakra event and the experience of who works with chakras fake? No at all.

I have personal experience with working the chakras and am a vivid witness to the powers of working on them.

I can surely say that you can balance or imbalance them and that either has a powerful effect in the way you life your life.

The chakra system is based on the idea that through visualization and intention we can get a grip on the way we experience the world (the question whether that experience is real in itself, and to what extent, or not, is a beautiful issue that has occupied people for thousands of years).

By designating centers (the 12 chakras) within our body, which correspond to the physical responses to emotions, we create thinking and working frameworks for ourselves.

This also brings us to the next point: how are chakras used?

12 chakras diagram

How Are Chakras Used?

Chakras are used to visually support meditation and yoga (in its most original sense, yoga in itself includes practices such as meditation and reflection - but that's another story for another time).

The way the chakras are used again differs from inception to conception, and from teacher to teacher.

This way, you can bring your attention to a specific chakra and meditate on that particular chakra.

For example, if you focus on your throat chakra, you can repeat a mantra such as 'I express myself.’

This method is often used by people who want to unblock a particular chakra or want to calm down an overactive chakra.

Another option is to slowly walk over the chakras.

This way, you bring your focus from chakra to chakra while you stand still with each chakra. Thus the life energy, the prana, could flow freely again.

This is also the intended goal of many yogis: thanks to the yoga postures, the attention to breathing (also called pranayama), and the focus on the chakras, the prana regains its balance.

Kundalini yoga, a form of yoga to which somewhat related properties are attributed today, is a form of yoga that works actively with chakras.

A kundalini yoga session usually consists of a series of exercises, each devoted to a specific chakra.

Work is done from the root chakra, at the tailbone, to the crown chakra. The image used is a coiled snake that jumps up like spring after crossing the chakras, connecting all the chakras.

After a kundalini session, you would be in a state of light clarity.

12 Chakras System: Our Connection to the Universe

Our twelve chakras are the body of cosmic consciousness.

Seven of the main chakras are hidden in our body and distributed upward from the bottom of the spine; the other five chakras are outside the body and need to be connected with pure light consciousness.

Internal and external integration will form a complete Twelve cosmic energy vortex centers.

To open the 12 chakras is to use the knowledge of light to open and connect these energy centers so that we can connect with the overall cosmic consciousness and energy, and get the enjoyable experience of the unity of life perception.

Opening the 12 Chakras:

The opening of the twelve chakras is necessary for the journey of ascension and enlightenment so that you will be ready to receive the high energy that comes in, at the time.

Having them in balance will certainly help you get in alignment to receive spiritual guidance.

You can also search and see different 12 chakras diagrams on the internet to have an idea where their locations are.

In the golden age of Atlantis, we have twelve chakras, with much higher light and wisdom than now.

When these chakras are opened, the twelve strands of DNA will begin to be activated.

These DNAs contain impressive hidden spiritual talents waiting for us to awaken, open, and activate the twelve chakras to return to us.

This is why it is so essential to understand and work on the chakras again.

You can use the meditation below to bring them into balance:

The 12 Chakras and Their Meanings

The First Chakra:

The Root / Base Chakra is located at the bottom of the midrib spine, in the perineal area.

This chakra is the foundation of the entire energy system, and its color is dark red.

The Second Chakra:

The Genital chakra is located in the midrib, the pubic region of the lower abdomen.

It manages the lower abdomen, kidneys, gonads, ovaries, testes, etc., and is related to creativity and sexual energy. The color is orange-yellow.

The Third Chakra:

The navel chakra is located in the center of the belly button in the midrib.

It corresponds to the solar plexus on the body and manages the liver, stomach, and spleen. Simply put, it is the gastrointestinal area, and the color is blue.

The Fourth Chakra:

The heart chakra is located near the middle of the midrib, near the heart, in the center of the chest, between the breasts.

The heart chakra corresponds to the cardiac nerve plexus and takes care of our heart, circulatory system, and respiratory system.

It manages the heart, lungs, and heart vein plexus in the body; it is red.

The Fifth Chakra:

The throat chakra is located at the throat within the midrib and manages the thyroid, tonsils, salivary glands, and cervical nerve plexus.

The color is emerald.

The Sixth Chakra:

The Brow Heart Chakra is located between the eyebrows, in the center of the brain.

It can open the third eye and stimulate the ability to see beyond the three-dimensional barrier.

It manages the pineal gland and pituitary gland; the color is silvery white.

The Seventh Chakra:

The Crown chakra is located at the top of the midrib, in the inner center of the brain near the top of the head, and the color is golden yellow.

It manages the pineal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus in the brain and the neural network of the entire brain nervous system.

When the energy reaches the crown chakra, these neural networks will be stimulated and become active.

At this time, the central nervous system can perceive any content that could not be sensed before.

12 chakras and christianity

The Eighth Chakra:

The Chakra of Consciousness corresponds to the physical space from a few feet to a few inches above the head, and is very close to our physical form.

Through the ideology of light, it mainly links the energy of the earth and all life forms. It forms a state of awareness of oneness with our planet.

The Ninth Chakra:

The karma chakra corresponds to the lunar space outside the earth’s atmosphere and closer to the moon.

Through the ideology of light, it is connected to the energy in the entire range from the ground to the moon and life forms in all spaces.

The earth and moon space form a unified state of awareness.

The Tenth Chakra:

The starlight consciousness chakra corresponds to the solar space at the center of the solar system, close to the sun.

Through the ideology of light, it connects the energy areas in the solar system as a whole and perceives the life forms and existence in the entire order.

It forms a state of awareness with the space of the solar system’s scope and provides an experience with a  wide range of energy concepts.

The Eleventh Chakra:

The soul consciousness chakra corresponds to the galaxy space at the center of the galaxy and the area close to the stellar core.

Through the connection of the ideology of light, it forms a fully unified state of awareness and perception with the galaxy space.

The rich operational connotation and wisdom connotation of the entire galaxy, it allows you to experience the nature of the evolution of the cosmic energy, and connect the wisdom information of a broader star-level civilization.

The Twelfth and Final chakra:

The galaxy portal chakra corresponds to the galaxy portal.

Our mind is in automatic guidance, and our holographic life is the induction of the universe’s holographic chakra.

In any space of the infinite world, it is entirely free from space and time constraints.

Through the ideology of light, in any space category, one can obtain an instantaneous state of awareness and perceive the infinite connotation of the universe’s evolution.

12 Chakras and Christianity

Chakras are basically transmitters and receivers of energy.

One thing that usually makes many Christians have a bad perspective when it comes to chakras is the teaching of balancing ourselves from the root.

This is the case because Hinduism is part of the teaching about chakras.

In my opinion, most religions, at the least the ones I know of, practice or preach some form of good.

You might not practice one specifically but I believe you can pick all the good things from each one without discarding a particular one.

Pick that which makes sense to you and is for the goof of all and you should be fine.

If you are a Christian practicing chakra balance, I do not think you should feel bad, if that will help you improve, get better, physically, emotionally or spiritually in any shape or form.

Activate the 12 Chakras With the Fifth-Dimensional Color and the Help of the Angels:

You can do it in the following way, but when you are familiar with these chakras, you can do this meditation while walking outside, taking a train, taking a plane, or taking a car (passenger).

It is effortless, and the more you do it, the more you can fix, open, and activate your ascension chakra.

1. If possible, light a candle.

2. Sit quietly in a place where you will not be disturbed.

3. Focus on the earth star under your feet, and ask the archangel Saint Leonardo to connect with you.

Pause until you can feel Him with you. Then breathe three times, draw the breath into your black and white earth star chakra and exhale.

4. Focus on your chakra at the pubis and ask the archangel Gabriel to connect with you.

Pause until you can feel Him with you. Then breathe three times, draw the breath into your platinum chakra and exhale.

5. Bring your awareness to your reproductive chakra and ask the archangel Gabriel to enter this chakra. Then breathe in your light pink genital chakra and exhale, repeat three times.

6. Move up to your manipula and invite the archangel Gabriel to move into it as well. Then breathe three times, inhaling the breath into your glowing orange navel and exhaling.

The Angels Are There to Assist You

12 chakras and their meanings

7. Focus on your solar plexus and call the archangel Uriel to maintain the energy of wisdom. Then breathe in your deep golden solar plexus chakra and exhale, repeat three times.

8. Rise to your heart chakra and invite the archangel Shamir to awaken your pure love. Then breathe three times, draw the breath into your pure white heart chakra and exhale.

9. When you focus on the center of your throat, call the archangel Michael to touch you. Then draw the breath into your royal blue Throat Chakra and exhale, repeat three times.

10. Focus on your third eye and let the archangel Raphael assist you here. Then breathe three times, draw the breath into your crystal clear third eye and exhale.

11. Let your consciousness move to your crown chakra.

Feel that the archangel Jophiel, also the angel of wisdom, opens up your chakras to a greater extent. Then draw the breath into your crystal clear crown chakra and exhale, repeat three times.

12. You are now activating the ascension chakra above your head, being aware of your pure white karma chakra, and letting the archangel Christine help you. Then inhale and exhale three times.

13. A little bit higher is your soul star, which is dark pink. Feel the archangel Mariel working with you, and then inhale and exhale three times.

14. It's time to move to your galaxy portal. Call the archangel Mai Dachang, and feel that He is expanding your last chakra, then breathe in this golden ball of light and exhale, repeat three times.

15. Thank you, archangels, for helping you activate my chakras and then open your eyes.

Final Words

Finding the optimum balance for your chakras is necessary for you to live a happy and peaceful life.

Meditation for me is the best tool for that. Separate some time during the day to look after yourself and bring them to balance again.

You can thank me later 😊.

I hope this article brought some understanding about the 12 chakras and each of their functions and meanings.


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