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Energetic Boundaries – Everything You Need to Know About It!

January 12, 2021

Boundaries are defined as the limits or borders between two entities.

In this case, the two entities are you and what is external to you.

While energy therapy only utilizes energetic boundaries, physical boundaries are vital to your overall health and well-being.

Understanding the Boundaries In Detail

Boundaries are there to protect us.

They are designed to keep everything out that we do not need in and everything that we need in.

They are the a determining factor on where our body ends, and the environment begins.

However, they often prevent us from experiencing the world as a whole and thus lead to a limiting sense of reality.

They also play an important role in our beliefs, relationships, and abilities to communicate and function in our everyday lives.

When in place, our boundaries allow us to separate that which we know and own from that which we don’t know and don’t own.

Our boundaries determine what will be included in our reality and what will be excluded from it.

Knowing what we do and don’t know will help us set boundaries and be comfortable with them, whether they are physical, emotional, mental, and so on.

healthy energetic boundaries

Work on Your Mindset

Boundaries are actually a reflection of who we are and how we feel inside.

As such, they are not static and remain constantly changing.

These boundaries can be altered by various stimuli such as thoughts, feelings, and beliefs as they represent how we identify ourselves or our ego with the outside world.

All of this is dictated by the mind, and thus the brain's function determines how we experience boundaries.

Our emotional development has a huge role to play in this, as well.

What we were made to believe at a young age is always going to affect our boundaries no matter how grown up we are.

Our brain believes everything we are taught, and very few people are taught about boundaries in an enlightened way, so they are always left confused about them.

Now that you have acquired a rough idea of what boundaries are; let us now move a little deeper into the world of energetic boundaries and learn their importance and application as this is what energy therapy is really all about.

How to learn how to create and employ energetic boundaries to improve your level of health and well-being.


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What is Energetic Boundary?

To understand the concept of energetic boundary, it is important for us to take a few steps back and understand the concept of energy.

It is what is left over after everything else has been removed from our bodies, environments, surroundings, and environment itself.

Keep in mind that this is not just the normal energy we are talking about.

Rather this is the energy that everything around us is made up of.

In some ways, we can describe it like this; our physical bodies are made up of physical energy, emotional bodies are made up of emotional and mental energies, and so on.


Overall, an energetic boundary is a shield or protective forcefield that is created by you and by you only and is made up of only your energy.

Its role is to keep everyone else’s energies and negative energies away from you, but not your happy, positive, and loving energies.

The aura and your mind play a vital role in creating and setting such boundaries.

However, there are many different techniques and requirements for implementing and maintaining these energetic boundaries.

These boundaries are important because they protect every cell, fiber, and chromosome in your body from getting damaged or affected by corruption from any or all sources.

Effectively, they protect you from putting toxic substances into your body and from letting such toxic substances exist in your body.

Therefore, you need to understand the concept of energetic boundaries and how these boundaries need to be maintained if you ever hope to heal away from your ailments and diseases.

However, it is not enough to just understand the concept of energetic boundaries as you need to know how to create these boundaries and use them efficiently.

How to Practice & Set Energetic Boundaries With People

There are many different ways of practicing these energetic boundaries with people, and each of these ways has its own strengths, weaknesses, and benefits.

However, before we go through these, let’s identify a few qualities that the best of the best energetic boundaries share.

These include but are not restricted to the following.

1) Energetic boundaries need to be realistic and practical.

Whenever you feel as if you are using a forcefield to protect you from everything around you, then it is time to ask yourself whether it is really necessary or not.

You should also understand that moving to a different location or situation could resolve the problem instead of trying to erect an energetic wall that would divide the two sides.

Energetic boundaries are sometimes required, but at other times, they may not be.

2) Energy boundaries need to be flexible.

It is important to understand that situations always change and are different from one day to the next.

Your energies should respond differently to different situations. You should be able to keep up with these changes and crises as well.

how to practice energetic boundaries with people


3) Energetic boundaries will need to be relaxed whenever there is a need for them to be relaxed.

For example, if you are in a meeting with your boss but you just had a heated argument with your husband when you try to relax, it is probably not going to go well.

You will not be able to relax whenever your mind is thinking about the arguments you had with other people.

Therefore, you need to have energy boundaries that are flexible enough to let in everything around while keeping out everything that could affect you adversely.

4) Energetic boundaries should provide you with maximum protection at a minimum cost.

If you are in a crowded place in the city and you have to erect an over-protective shield, it might cost you so much energy that you come out of the situation exhausted.

Sometimes, it is good to just not have any boundaries at all and let the environment slip in as people are usually more accepting and not as critical.

5) Lastly, it is important for energetic boundaries to be maintained as well as employed.

Whenever you are in a situation, it is important to keep the boundaries separate and protected.

This is of extreme importance when you are in a crowded place so that you do not let in too many negative energies.

Creating Energetic Boundaries

Now that you have understood the qualities of good boundaries let us now go through some of the ways in which these boundaries can be created.

Auditory, kinesthetic, emotional, and physical boundaries are the most important ones and are the first ones you should learn and master.

Loud Noises: Loud noises can have an adverse effect on you if you are trying to create this boundary.

The noise will definitely affect your ability to relax or be happy.

However, loud noises by themselves are not enough to interfere greatly with the creation of the boundary, and this is good quality as it allows us to create boundaries in more difficult situations.

Constant Noise: Constant noises in the environment will affect your ability to remain calm and thus the ability of the boundary to work.

Constant noises tend to make you lose your focus and concentration. Sometimes, you may even feel as if you are being targeted, which can be a disadvantage if you are trying to create an energetic boundary.

However, you should be able to create energetic boundaries in high noise areas as well.

Your Own Voice: This is one that most people are not very well aware of.

If you can hear your own voice, there is no possibility of creating an energetic boundary.

You need to be aware of the volume and tones of your voice, and when the sound becomes too strong or too close, it will also begin to place strain on the boundary.


Eyes Open Vs. Eyes Closed: This is an important factor in the creation of an energetic boundary.

If you are trying to create this boundary while your eyes are closed, you will be able to keep out many of the environmental factors that you might complain about.

This is due to the fact that your eyes often reflect the way that you feel about the environment around you.

Similarly, if you have your eyes closed and enjoy the silence, you will also be able to create a strong, energetic barrier.

Healthy Energetic Boundaries: How To Build Them?

These are some of the steps that you need to take in order to create a secure and healthy energetic boundary.

1) Start with Visualizations: Visualizing a forcefield around your body that will be able to reject anything that is not positive or that is going to make you angry; or something that you don't want to feel or be affected by in any way, is the first step in creating this boundary.

2) Tune into Your Body: Tune in to all the parts of your body, which can be the root if you do not get the result you want.

This includes your feelings, senses, and any other areas of your body and mind that are directly affected.

3) Use a Mantra for Energetic Boundaries: Use a mantra that is connected to your intention of creating this boundary.

You should really focus on this mantra so that you can create this boundary.

4) Observe and Understand Your Surroundings: It is important to observe what is going on around you and understand the details.

Not only will this serve as a reminder for you to protect yourself from these energies, but it will also help you control your environment and change it to what you would like it to be.

Observing your surroundings will also help you understand what is working and what is not.

5) Feel the Power of Your Intention: Make sure that you are very clear about your intention in creating this boundary.

Often times, the feeling of your intention is more important than the actual boundary itself.

The more clear you are about the intention, the more quickly it would be to attain the results you want.

creating energetic boundaries

A few More Steps on Healthy Energetic Boundaries

6) Protect Your Energy Field: As a foundation for creating this boundary, you need to pay attention to your body and your energy field.

It is often this field that is the most abused and needs to be protected.

If your body is feeling weak and tired, you are much more likely to break down, and thus the boundary will not be able to work as well as you need it to.

7) Visualize Your Final Fulfillment: At this point, you would have gained a thorough understanding of your body and the environment you are in.

You should know what you want to achieve and the kind of feeling and experience you want in the process.

Once you are clear on this, visualize this in your mind and heart.

This, along with the thoughts, emotions, and intentions, will help you to create a stronger, effective, and more protective energetic boundary.

8) Do Mantras: Mantras are used to that help you focus and pray.

Use them to really focus on the process and ensure that you are positive about the outcome.

You can also use them to help you accept that you have a protective boundary around yourself and that you are totally safe.

9) Always Be Positive: Negative attitudes, emotions, and thoughts will only create negative energies and thus prevent you from achieving what you want.

It is always advisable to be positive in your thoughts and emotions.

Positive thinking and positive emotions will help you focus on what you want and really improve your chances of achieving it.

10) Be Aware of the Results: Be cognizant of the results.

If there are any areas where you feel that your goal is not being met, focus your efforts and attention towards correcting them.

Energetic Boundaries & Therapeutic Boundaries

The final follow up of all this is the importance of therapeutic boundaries.

These are the boundaries that your therapist needs to have with you to completely and properly heal you.

The therapist must have a full awareness of the boundaries that you have created and must help you in creating the boundaries which will heal you and help you get healed of what emotional pain.


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