May 18


Free Will Astrology: Discover if Earthly Events are Pre-Determined

May 18, 2020

One of the oldest and most controversial subjects, I believe, that there is, is the one related to Free Will Astrology.

Firstly, there are two points that ought to be considered, that are interconnected, and these are:

  • The definition of Free Will
  • The way Astrology operates

Free Will Vs Destiny

The area of academic study and expertise that give meaning to the concept of Free Will is Philosophy.

Despite the fact that its initial concept comes from before the Greek philosophers, it is during that period, that its main related ideas and studies started to gain popularity and strength.

From that period also, free will started to be studied in several areas for different purposes.

In summary, Free Will can be interpreted as the power of choice given to each individual.

From another perspective, one can think of the level of freedom with which people can express themselves.

Are Our Lives Pre-Destined From Birth?

I believe the question that needs to be answered today is: Are our lives pre-destined from birth or not?

If yes, can we interfere or if not, who wrote our destinies?

There are experts that say that Astrology started at around 1700 BC, but some believe that it started even before that.

Some scholars say that area of Astrology started in the East and was introduced in Europe at around 500 BC by Arab populations.

Thanks to these wise nations, it gained momentum and had its pinnacle at around the 13th and 15th centuries.

It is known amongst the communities of astrologers that Astrology itself has been re-formulated and changed many times over.

It is also believed by Astrologers today, that Astrology was separated between eastern and western.

The one we are more accustomed to is the western, in other words, it might be the case that we are getting only part of the picture. 


Instead of looking at yourself from an eastern or western astrological perspective, get the whole picture from both perspectives.

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As you can see, the discussion of whether our lives are determined by the stars and planets in space since birth or whether we can make of it what we want is centuries old and I believe it will continue for centuries or years to come.

Are events on Earth Pre-Determined?

Johannes Kepler, a famous mathematician and astronomer, believed that many events on earth were determined by the relation and connection between celestial objects such as stars, planets, galaxies, etc.

He does not assign responsibility to one object only, but to a combination of them.

He believed that the solar system, since its inception, started creating a memory of information, which evolved with time.

Jean-Baptiste Morin, on the other hand, asserted that celestial objects served as watch hands determining when things would happen instead of these serving as why they would happen.

In summary, the old historic realm of Astrology dictated that the celestial objects determined and influenced people's actions, of course depending on their date of birth.

Modern astrology however believes that people are born, based on their natal chart, with certain tendencies and influences, that determine their actions, but do not determine exactly what they will chose.

In other words, people are born with a baggage, with certain capacities, talents and tendencies and based on that, are influenced to make certain decisions, within these characteristics.

We will focus now a bit more on this topic, but now related to each of the twelve zodiac signs.

Aquarius Free Will Astrology

Creativity and self expression call to you. You are learning how to express yourself in this season. Also, you will tend to focus more on your entertainment and hobbies.

You will likely rethink friendships, romantic relationships and whether they really fulfil you.

June is usually not a month for financial strides, but if you take action, it might lead you to more financial freedom. It can also motivate you to improve your current circumstances in your financial life.

Possible issues might include not resolving what needs to be resolved in the relationships aspect.

Pisces Free Will Astrology

It is a good time now to focus on your psychological and emotional health as well as family relationships.

During this season, you may want to focus on bringing wholeness to your family life and to yourself.

Self-worth is a major thing to you, do not let worries about it get in the way of other people helping you.

Be brave enough to accept a helping hand when you need it.

You may use help of morning affirmations to improve your self worth. If you take action on it.

If things do not happen soon enough, you may become frustrated, and people might label you harsh or insensitive because of that.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep that in mind when approaching your relationships in general.

Aries Free Will Astrology

Self learning is something you might pick it up soon, you are inclined to self study this month.

It is important to think about any areas that might be bringing unrest and tide those up, not always easy especially if it is in the realm of relationships, but absolutely necessary.

Some challenges may arise at work regarding your influence and abilities, but that may also bring opportunities for you in other areas and might reveal areas you are good at and that can be influenced by you.

Resourcefulness will come naturally.

Give yourself some space to rest and unwind, this will help free your spirit and mind.

Your views of what was are changing, and it is time to develop and expand into the new you.

Taurus Free Will Astrology

During this month, you will start focusing more on the financial aspect of your life.

This could mean focusing on a promotion, material possessions and financial safety in general.

The same way that you find easy to focus on financial gains, you find as easy to let go of materialistic ideals and let go of possessions you think are cluttering your life.

This usually give way for you to concentrate on your natural talents and things that help you feel comfortable and that ground you.

As the month draws to a close, you will start to desire more growth and changes that impact and help your personal development.

Gemini Free Will Astrology

Your plans and needs are at the centre at the moment. Health is also a focus point.

You are starting to understand what matters and what does not in relationships, you have a clear view of what you are willing to settle for.

The feeling of fighting for what you want may come to mind.

This will help you grow your inner wisdom as you start seeing more clearly what battles are worth picking and which ones are not.

Your emotional health is also a focus point, you might also feel that you are losing direction and motivation.

Observe these changes and make adjustments to get back on track.

Cancer Free Will Astrology

Now is a good time to focus on health, meditate on what brings you happiness and things that help you rest your soul and mind.

You might catch yourself thinking about the past, but this should serve as clarity so you know what your future should look like. In other words, what you can do to not repeat your past.

Routines and life balance are of particular importance right now.

Some areas that are dragging you down might come into focus, which will help you see what you can work on, to better yourself.

Take these challenges of self improvement with ease knowing the universe has your back.

Leo Free Will Astrology

There's an unique emphasis on your relationships and hopes this month, dear Leo.

Also, it can be a time for re-energising your social life or concentrating even more intensively on strategies, jobs, and work objectives.

Romance is also a big focus point, listen to your gut, but do not jump straight away into things.

You can let yourself be swept away quickly if not careful and that can change your whole life.

This is also a period for you to recharge yourself, both spiritually and emotionally.

If you feel like taking time to yourself, do not beat yourself up, this is a necessary step, if you want to grow.

Virgo Free Will Astrology

While there's a solid focus on your obligations and responsibilities this month, dear Virgo.

Partnerships are also a huge emphasis. People seem to get under your skin more easily during this season, motivating you at times or riling you up at others.

You are discovering exactly how to make use of challenges as well as difficulties to your benefit.

It can additionally be a time for managing internal issues that have blinded you to proceed forward.

Consider it a suggestion to take a time out if you really feel a little bit drained.

Libra Free Will Astrology

You are looking for intellectual experiences this season dear Libra. Challenging projects and tasks can ignite effort and motivation in you.

It is an ideal time to set up new projects, interests and focus on your hobbies too.

You may experience some possible home and family crisis, but with every crisis, it is also an opportunity for growth and to strengthen your character.

Despite any problems or challenges, you are determined to face them head on and make things happen.

Scorpio Free Will Astrology

There may be some issues in your relationships, regarding communication and expression in general, loss in translation and misunderstanding.

That will highlight potential issues which will help you decide to focus more on how to express your ideas and feelings better, so you are not misunderstood.

You are also looking for more deeper connections and intimacy as well as more meaningful experiences.

This desire will lead you to focus on yourself too, for a change, on your own needs and wants.

Sagittarius Free Will Astrology

Financial difficulties might be on your mind this season, which will be a blessing in disguise as it will prompt you to come up with inventive ways of making more money.

Family life and relationships will be a strong focus too.

Arguments with loved ones may unnerve unseen things which will help solidify the bond among you more.

Your wants and needs are very important this season, set goals and objectives that reflect that.

Capricorn Free Will Astrology

During these months, you may have an identity crises that will direct you to ask questions about your future and what you truly want out of it.

This is not bad as it will help you plan for it, plus it will give you a better sense of who you are.

This same sense of determination will assist you on your financial pursuit, and on creating routines and habits that will better you.

Your confidence will grow as you focus on you and your goals too.


Instead of looking at yourself from an eastern or western astrological perspective, get the whole picture from both perspectives.

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