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Gemini Birthstone: Its Healing Properties and Why You Should Wear It

May 18, 2020

Before we dive straight into the characteristics of the Gemini Birthstone; it is important to understand the tendencies and traits of those born under the Gemini sign.

The Gemini Sign

Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are very communicative, witty and eager to learn, they are always after new and fresh information.

As you can see, a witty mind and intelligence are very favoured when it comes to Geminis.

This will also permeate through their relationships, they are attracted to the mind of someone, not just looks and personality.

Geminis are usually not dull for this very reason. They can also tap into different forms of imagination, using therefore not just the rational mind.

Geminis and the Black Zodiac

Every zodiac sign, like every human being, has good and bad emotions and feelings.

I do not like to label them as bad as I believe they make us who we are, plus the so called negative feelings are necessary for a balance within us.

Geminis, according to the black zodiac, can be reckless and unpredictable. This is also one thing that, believe it or not, make them attractive in relationships.

They are not in the same wave length all the time.

If you are interested in reading more about the seemingly 'negative' emotions and tendencies of Geminis, click HERE for the full article.

The Gemini birthstone is one of the artefacts that maintain the inquisitive and curious construct of this zodiac. If you are a Gemini, I would strongly recommend wearing your birthstone on you at all times.

The Gemini sign is represented by twins, which indicates different facets, perspectives and outlooks on a particular thing or person. On the same way, there a few different sorts of the Gemini Birthstones.

Each of these Gemini Birthstones have a different impact on certain traits and tendencies of those born under the Gemini zodiac sign.

If you want to work on or express more certain attributes you have; then choosing the right birthstone will play a part in that.

If you have Geminis in your life, make sure to learn more about these stones. They can certainly help you understand who you are dealing with.


Instead of looking at yourself from an eastern or western astrological perspective, get the whole picture from both perspectives.

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What is a Birthstone

Birthstones are gems that correspond to the date someone is born on. A lot of people like to wear their birthstones as jewellery, either as pendants or bracelets.

Western historians believed there was a connection between the 12 stones displayed in Aaron's breastplate, described in the Bible, the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 zodiac signs.

The breastplate contained 12 stones and is described in the Bible in the book of Exodus.

Flavius Josephus, 1st century AD, made the connection between the 12 stones and the birthstones.

It is believed that the 12 stones in the breastplate had some form of power which corresponded to the 12 signs; and that wearing them would have some sort of talismanic effect.

The idea of wearing a gemstone that corresponds to your birth month comes from the 18th century, in Poland when Jewish traders would trade gemstones.

But it is only in 1912 that the National Association of Jewelers (Jewelers of America) agreed and defined all the birthstones.

A lot has changed since these speculations were made and so now, birthstones are worn, but with little related to that.

You can see below how the birthstones changed over the centuries:

gemini birthstone stone

What Are the Gemini Birthstones

The Gemini Zodiac sign overlaps between May and June.

May birthstones are Emerald and Chrysoprase while June birthstones are Pearl and Moonstone.

The gemstones that have an natural harmony with Gemini are:

Agate, Apatite, Aquamarine, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Dendritic Agate, Emerald, Howlite, Jade, Leopard Skin Jasper, Onyx, Pearl, Peridot, Rutile, Blue Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Serpentine, Tanzanite and Variscite.

Pearl is accepted as the most connected birthstone to the Gemini sign. It represents the duality of the sign and its different shapes, forms.

Each Pearl is unique in its colour and brightness.

The Pearl also represents the spiritual and emotional journey taken by Geminis. Self development is something that is sought by people born under this sign.

Some of the attributes connected to the Pearl are the following:

  • Loyalty and partnership
  • Purity and humility

Many ancient civilisations had different beliefs when it came to how a Pearl came to be.

The Greeks believed they were tears of the Goddess of Love Aphrodite, that became solid and fell into the sea.

The Arabs believed they were formed when the oysters were attracted to the surface by the moon light.

Pearls used to be worn only by royalty at a point in time. They are considered the jewels of the sea.

How is the Gemini Birthstone Created?

gemini birthstone color

A pearl is created when a foreign object is placed on the oyster, usually a small fish or parasite. The oyster then to kill this object creates something around it.

This layer is called a 'nacre'. Several layers are created by the oyster until the pearl is solid and shiny.

By the same token, a person becomes solid and shiny, emotionally and spiritually, when there are several layers of transformation being peeled or created along the way.

Pearls are rock solid, that tells me that you can also work on yourself in way that nothing breaks you. I believe that is one of the many things people should strive for, a strong mindset.

It is believed that pearls get the energy of the person wearing it, it shines brighter when the person is joyful and in good health, and it loses its splendour when the person is in a bad mood or sick.

A Gemini that wears a pearl will have a few qualities enhanced, this stone will work with your positive traits.

As mentioned earlier, Pearls will work on your partnerships and help you develop them further.

As Geminis, this is something that you value, having the right friends around you are essential to moving forward in life.

They will also help you attract pure and good energy to your life.

Pearls will also keep you healthy and disease free, especially when it comes to heart, digestive and intestine issues.

The Gemini Birthstones will keep you grounded, even when you are making strides financially and professionally.

Other Gemini Birthstones

Emerald and Chrysoprase are also Gemini birthstones.

The Chrysoprase helps Geminis when they are going through loss or a tough season of sorts.

Furthermore, it basically helps them on their emotional journey, and in healing their soul of traumas.

Also, it is believed that Chrysoprase brings good fortune and good health to those wearing it.

It brings protection when placed on the door frame or on a window frame, it also helps you sleep peacefully when put under your pillow.

The Emerald Gemini Birthstone, on the other hand, brings speed and focus to your thoughts. As it made your brain more acute to solving issues and making decisions.

The Egyptians used to regard the Emerald as the fountain of youth. they would gift it to the dead so their soul would remain forever young.

At one time, it was Queen Cleopatra's favourite gemstone.

Emeralds represent wisdom, patience and growth, they can also symbolise friendship and loyalty.

Many shamans use this Gemini Birthstone as a healing material for eyes related issues, headaches and spine problems.

The Roman Emperor Nero had Emeralds encrusted in his wine cups, which he used to drink wine while watching the gladiators in the arenas.

He used them to drink and keep the Emeralds close to his eyes in order to keep them healthy.

Another known Gemini Birthstone is the Moonstone. This is a semitransparent and trans-lucid gemstone.

Its use help you increase your intuitiveness, it gives you clarity of mind and helps you fous.

It is also a sign of fertility for women, and an emotional healer. I suggest wearing it as a bracelet or as a pendant if you are going through some emotional turbulence.

what is gemini birthstone

Gemini Birthstone Color and its Meanings

The birthstone colors are:

  • Red for January and July, purple for February and June, blue for March, September and December.
  • White or clear for April and as an alternate for June, green for May and August; pink or multi-color for October and yellow for November.

Clear colours such as white, ice looking and yellowish are the ones that connect the most with the Gemini sign, like the Pearl.

The light yellow colour represents optimism and joy in the midst of the storm, while white represents the privilege to live a free life and transparency.

The Gemini birthstones, regardless of which once you choose to wear, is there to enhance your good qualities, awake hope and life within you.

Anyone that was born under the Gemini sign has the tendency of being witty and rational, and so they can easily spot anyone being disingenuous.

They usually end up becoming the life of the group, also helping others overcome their personal issues,

Make sure to expand this energy within you and become a living birthstone for those around you.

Final Thoughts

The birthstone's purpose is to help you navigate day-to-day life, improve your relationships and help you make the right decisions along the way.

The gemstone won't of course influence you and overcome your desires and wishes. You will always have free will to make your own choices in whatever area.

The Gemini birthstones will provide you with energy and quick thinking mainly.

Geminis are very rational and communicative by nature, so expect the birthstone to enhance that.

Wearing your birthstone is strongly suggested, it will be there to guide and direct you when you need it.


Instead of looking at yourself from an eastern or western astrological perspective, get the whole picture from both perspectives.

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