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Everything You Need to Know on How to See Auras

May 18, 2020

Have you ever thought about what it takes to learn how to see auras? Well, we try to explore in this article the ins and outs of it.

Learning how to see auras is like learning any other new skill, it takes time and practice, but it is very possible.

As you might know, I experience extrasensory perception.

I did not teach myself this. So when people ask me how to perceive if you have an extrasensory sense, I don't know what to say!

It's a bit like explaining to someone who is color blind how to see the color blue.

But this week I was asked so many times how to see auras or how to see energy auras that I saw it as a sign.

I then left my body and met some creatures whose job is to help people incarnate because I wanted to know the difference between people who are born extrasensory and people who are not born extrasensory.

Because I knew figuring out this difference would help me explain how to see things beyond the range of the normal human senses.

What you will read in this article is the result of what I have learned. I hope it helps you.

What Are Auras?

The first thing we need to understand is that you don't have to be special or gifted to see auras.

In fact, anyone can learn to see them. The aura is actually an area of subtle, luminous, electromagnetic radiation surrounding a physical thing.

The word 'round' is not really correct when it comes to auras because, in reality, your aura is completely in, and yours.

When you observe the physical body together with the aura, it seems as if the aura surrounds the body.

But really it is just another dimensional layer of a being. Furthermore, the body is another dimensional layer.

Your Aura Receives and Broadcasts

We only associate auras with living things, but in reality, all physical things, living or not, have an aura.

Now, what most people don't understand about auras is that they think the aura is emitted. But in reality, what is more, correct is that your aura radiates to you.

It is the multidimensional aspect of you that, physically, projects itself as the person you see in the mirror every day.

An aura simultaneously contains information that it delivers and has a very sensitive perception of information that it absorbs.

The electromagnetic energy field constantly leads to and at the same time radiates from your physical body.

You can describe it as an electromagnetic form of consciousness that both transmits and receives.

how to see auras in 60 seconds

More Than Beautiful Colors

Most people think that auras are only about colors, but I can tell you that auras are much more than that.

Auras can have different shapes, different textures, different sizes, different patterns, different sounds and different shades.

They vary widely in hue and quality.

The colors of the auras are perceived because the distribution of light particles versus the wavelength in an electromagnetic field varies widely and is therefore perceived differently by the human eye.

One or more of these characteristics of an aura can tell an energy work practitioner what areas need to be worked in order to bring them into positive resonance.

They can tell an almost complete story about you and what led you to be like that.

A Visible Blueprint

Your aura responds to your thoughts. For example, if you think a negative thought, and you think that with enough regularity, that thought will appear in your subtle etheric body, in your aura.

It will form a pattern, a texture and that will translate into a physical symptom.

You can consider your aura as the visible blueprint of your thoughts and your emotions as well as your past thoughts and past feelings that led to your current manifestation, as well as your attitudes, memories, beliefs, experiences etc.

Basically everything this life, and past lives, have made you.


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7 Sacred Signs From the Universe

Energetic Signature

The aura contains all the colours in it, but when a clairvoyant reads your aura and tells you that your aura is blue, it means that blue is the color closest to your skin.

This layer of the aura field is actually the most essential to who you are; it is your most authentic color.

It is your energetic signature. This color most closely reflects your manifested being and life purpose.

A person's primary aura color is usually the most dominant color in the aura field unless they had to suppress their authenticity to belong to their culture, family, or social group.

Through Practice, You Can Train Yourself on How to See Auras

If you manage to see auras, you can see different shapes and colors in different places around the body. Each have their own meaning:

Left Side  Future - The color on the left is the vibration that enters your being. The closer you are, the faster you will notice.

Middle (experience) - The color you see above your head is the color of what you are experiencing at that moment.

Right Side (expression) - The energy that others feel around you, in other words, the energy that you radiate.

how to see auras exercises

Meaning of Aura Colours:










willpower, passion, vitality, physical activity, desire, anger or nervousness

creativity, artistry, expressiveness, thinking while busy, desire to have success or achieve a result

sunny, excited, mental strength, expectation, power struggle

healing, teaching, stamina, perseverance, self-confidence, good balance between body and mind

desire to achieve deeper feelings, peace, love, affection, communication, highest ideals

mysticism, union, enchantment, charm, deep spiritual insight, lots of spiritual energy

higher developed or spiritual being, has the properties of all colours, strong motivation, ability to concentrate

Why Should We Learn How to See and Read Energy Auras?

For some people, it's about feeling grounded, spiritual or feeling special. Some people just think it's really cool when they can see something like this.

Whatever the reason, we really need to be honest with ourselves. Why do we actually want to see auras?

Check out both the light and dark side of it. So, if you want to learn to see auras, you first have to ask yourself: Why do I want to see auras? 

And then you must practice more and more till you get the answer of how to see auras in 60 seconds.

Yes, when you practice then definitely you will learn how see auras in 60 seconds or less.

Understand Each Other Better

If I were to argue why it is good for people to learn to see auras, I would say that it not only makes this world a more beautiful and colorful place, but it also allows us to develop true intimacy with each other.

To see auras, you literally see 'in' other people. There is so much suffering on this planet because we don't understand each other.

We play a huge gambling game with each other. If you are able to see auric fields you will be able to understand people better.

It allows the perception of the multidimensional universe and the perception of the effect you have on other people.

For the most part, we cannot cure chronic diseases because we look no further than the physical body.

Do You Really Want to Know How to See Auras?

When we want something that doesn't seem to work, we need to consider the possibility that an aspect of us doesn't actually want it to work.

There is always a positive, unconscious intention behind every negative manifestation.

For example, someone doesn't really want to be able to see auras out of fear of going crazy or being seen as crazy because of their environment.

Someone else may be afraid that they will not succeed in a career in business. Someone else may be afraid that if they see auras, they will also see scary things.

So, before you read this article further, ask yourself honestly, "Why might I not want to see auras?" "What is my unconscious positive intention not to see them?"

So, when you have done that, I will explain how to see auras or how to see energy auras.

Important Things to Keep in Mind: How to See Auras for Beginners?

Many beginners ask me if they can practice some sort of exercises so they can learn how to see auras.

I tell them you can practice any concentration exercise. There are many on the internet but please keep the below tips in mind.

These tips are usually ignored by beginners and are learnt usually after a good amount of practice:

1. Distinguish between seeing and perceiving

We all experience extrasensory information in different ways.

For example, a person can 'feel emotionally' what goes on in the aura. It is easier for someone else to 'feel' physically what is going on in the aura.

Another person can "see" what is going on in the aura. Someone else can just 'know' what goes on in the aura without feeling or seeing.

These are different ways in which people perceive extrasensory information. However, we are so focused on "seeing" an aura that we forget all other ways in which we can perceive auras.

How is it that 'seeing' is so important to us?

2.   The spillover effect

We find out that if we focus on the perception that is most natural to us, a spillover effect occurs.

With a spillover effect, someone who naturally 'emotionally feels' what is going on in the auric field can focus on getting better at 'feeling' what is going on in the aura.

Which means that in the end, they cannot do otherwise for the development of their openness than to become 'seeing'.

In other words, extrasensory perception "overflows" into another mode of reception.

People who are obsessed with "seeing" auras limit themselves in perceiving auras because they are so focused on "seeing" that they ignore the way they can already see auras.

And we can respond to the way we already perceive auras and continue to practice in this way. And then ... we will eventually be able to 'see' auras.

Seeing "auras" is just one of the ways to perceive auras.

Find the ways in which you naturally perceive energy outside of the normal senses and practice further.

Work with what you already can and develop that talent even more and it will overflow. Remember that most people feel auras long before they can see auras.

3.   Practice with a solid background

There are a number of techniques that will help you see auras better.

It is a good idea to start with these techniques if you are a beginner as you can build on this and let go of the techniques when they are no longer needed.

But for starters, you are going to keep the variables constant. You are going to have someone standing in front of you about 2 to 3 meters away, right in front of a completely white wall or black wall.

Some people see auras better in front of a black wall, some people see auras better in front of a white wall, so experiment what works best for you.

The point is not to try to observe an aura against a background with patterns in it.

4.   Focus on someone's third eye

The eye is going to focus. It is through this focus that the eye learns to ignore what is at the edge of the field of view.

It is like a camera that looks clearly at a point, while the rest of the image is blurred.

To start focusing on auras we need to become aware of the blurry part. To do this, we choose a spot on the person's upper body, for example, a person's third eye or a person's Adam's apple, or the sternum.

I find that focusing on the third eye or the middle of their forehead works best for learning to see auras.

5.   Relax your focus

Practice focusing sharply at one point of their body and then relax your focus with your eye muscles by simply repeating “relax” in your head, while consciously releasing all tension in the muscles behind your eyes.

It is much easier for the beginner to see auras when the muscles behind the eye are relaxed.

6.   Shift your attention to the edge

Now, without shifting your focus  and without moving your eyes, shift your awareness and attention to what is on the verge of vision,  to what is out of focus.

The scientific theory why this works is that the shape of your eyes allows you to see a different spectrum of light with the edge of your vision then you can see in a straight line.

The edges of your eyes can see a higher frequency of energy. I think this explains why it is easier for a beginner to see auras this way.

But I can assure you that if you practice on it and tune your frequency to seeing auras, it won't matter how you look at something,  you will always see auras whether you are looking right at it or if you are focusing on the edge of your sight.

Anyway, you're going to start seeing a static noise or seeing transparent energy or a misty cloud in the area just around someone's body.

It's kind of like a halo. Usually, when you start, this halo will appear 2 to 5 cm wide.

And it will likely be white, silvery, blue, or clear. What you actually see is the mantle of the aura, the outer edge of the aura.

Shades close to the blue or white spectrum are easiest to see with the eyes. Note that the aura will appear very transparent at first, like heat waves on a summer day, be blue or clear.

how to see auras for beginners

7.   Stay focused

As soon as you see the transparent areola around a person, you keep looking right there exactly the same way just observing and observing.

Initially, this can be tiring for the eyes. That is normal.

If you keep looking at it this way, your frequency will tune to the frequency of the auric field, and what is common in this universe: “What you focus on, you get more of it”.

You will start to notice that this mantle of the aura will unfold.

It will look like the energetic field is expanding, and you can begin to see textures, patterns, or shapes, and in that mantle, you can see colors  more specifically, you will be able to see a primary color in this person.

8.   Make it a meditative exercise

Some people can see the aura immediately with this technique, others take a few minutes to see it. Don't get discouraged and keep trying if it doesn't work right away.

Learning to see auras is like learning to walk. So make it a meditative exercise where you are open to observe for as long as you need to.

It is OK if you cannot see them at first, It does not mean that there is anything wrong with you, and it does not mean that you are less spiritual, if it takes a longer time for you to see auras, or, in fact, if you can never see them.

9.   Practice with your own aura

You can learn to see your own aura by the same technique except that you are now facing a white or black wall.

You extend your hand, with your fingers slightly separated, and you put your focus in the middle of your palm, the back of your palm.

With your attention there, do the same. Relax your focus. With your mind, focus on the energy between your fingers and around your fingers.

Another technique to see your own aura is to place a mirror so that you are in front of a white or black background.

And then you do the same as in the first exercise, but now with your mirror image. So focus on your own third eye in your mirror image.

Relax your focus and pay attention to the edge, the subtle energy field around your own body that is reflected in front of a white wall.

10. Strive to become as healthy and as present as possible with yourself

The healthier you are on an emotional and physical level, and the more present you are with yourself, the more peace you experience.

The greater this peace, the more you become like a pond with standing water, in which you can see the world clearly.

The distortions will disappear and there will be nothing left between you and your perception of others.

My own spiritual teachings, and the spiritual wisdom of others in the world, are often about “developing more peace and health within your own being”.

Seeing auras is just a nice trick unless it is part of a deeper spiritual practice.

You must increase your frequency to experience frequencies that vibrate at a higher and faster frequency than the physical dimension and have a higher and faster frequency than the subconscious mind, in order to see and give meaning to auras.

11. Release positive and negative judgements

Whenever you judge something  as positive or negative  as good or bad, or as a 'thing'  you quantify it.

When you quantify something, you limit it to your expectation. You cannot see further. You have expectations for everything you observe and therefore you cannot be objective.

In the past, you have learned to ignore the nonphysical world. Practice receiving energy from people and perceiving information about people without being affected by it.

When you observe something impartially, you separate yourself from the physical world, allowing you to see it as it really is.

If you observe something impartially, you distance yourself from the physical world, so that you not only see the physical world clearly but also get a clear picture of the nonphysical world.

12. Let go of the idea of "right or wrong"

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip because judging something as right or wrong is a judgement.

But this is an important point because people so often limit their ability to see auras because they wonder all the time whether it is what they see.

Especially if they are right about what color they see in someone else's aura. Depending on your vibration, you can see different things in an auric field.

Guess what? Everyone is right.

For example, someone's current vibration allows them to better see the emotional level of someone's energetic field so they see more yellow and orange in someone's energetic field; while someone else who is more able to see the spiritual aspect may see more blue or purple in someone's energetic field.

Both people are right about what they perceive. The more objective you become, the better you mirror others and the purer your perception of them become.


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7 Sacred Signs From the Universe

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