November 19


An In-Depth Review of the Archetype Reading Individualogist

November 19, 2020

Are you looking for the right direction in your life? Do you want to know what your strengths and weaknesses are? Are you ready to find out what your future holds for you?

You can find the answer to all these questions in Individualogist.

Individualogist is an archetype reading that reveals hidden aspects of your personality and talents as well as covered traits and quirks, weaknesses and strengths.

Take this QUIZ to find out what yours is.

Understanding Your Archetype

Do you know that your strengths, weaknesses, and inclinations affect your course of life?

Most people are not aware of these things, and that's one of the reasons why they feel lost while trying to find true happiness.

This is where you can use Individualogist to answer your questions.

Individualogist works as a guide when it comes to understating your archetype.

If you want to know about how your past decisions are affecting your life now, you should get your archetype reading HERE and read it/analyze the results in detail.

It talks about the decisions you made in the past, what the future holds for you, and the path you should choose to live happily ever after.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself.

Individualogist will assess your answers and will, accordingly, come up with an archetype that suits your character.

This will help you understand your inclinations, desires, hobbies, and habits better.

In addition to your inclinations, the questions also cover other aspects of your life also, such as love, wealth, and health.

They also cover your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them optimally to lead a happier life.


What Does Your Archetype Reveal?

Many people want to find out the negative aspects of their personalities so that they can eliminate or change them and become a better person.

Again, Individualogist has answers to these questions. It reviews your archetype in detail and  it shows some of the dark parts that are overshadowing the good traits in your personality.

You can relate to those dark aspects of your life from past decisions you made or from traumas and experiences you went through.

Those are not necessarily bad or what has come out of them, this archetype reading will help you deal with those parts better.

The reading constantly warns you of the negative traits that can hamper your life.

It tells you different ways of how you can avoid their negative impacts. According to the Individualogist reading, the shadows in your life suppress your desires and thoughts.

They prevent you from being a better and happier person. If you can eliminate these shadows or see them with no judgment, you can lead the life you always dreamed of.

Your archetype is the key to finding all the unanswered questions that finally opens the doors and windows to a better life.

What You Get in The Individualogist Program

The Individualogist program is a guide to your personality. It tells you what to do and what not to do to achieve great heights in your career.

Here are some of the things that you get from this program:

  1. A list of dos and don'ts that you need to follow going forward.
  2. Understand your strengths and weaknesses affecting your daily life.
  3. The shadows in your life that affect your style of living and also alter your thinking process.
  4. The core reasons that contribute to the downsides of your life and unhappiness. You also get to know the ways to avoid these reasons for unhappiness so that you can change your life for the better.
  5. In addition to the shadows affecting your lifestyle, you also get to know the positive aspects of your personality. The reading also points out the gifts in your life and how you should utilize them to your advantage.
  6. It tells you how to fulfill your deepest desires by using your weaknesses and your strengths.
  7. It gives a detailed view of your personality, lifestyle, and character.

The reading also comes with bonus packages, such as Dream Analysis Guide, Discovering your Aura, Exploring your Birthdate with Chinese Zodiac, and Active Imagination Guide.

There is no reason why not to try and find your archetype.

Why Should You Use The Individualogist?

Not everyone gets a chance to identify themselves, find their purpose or whom they truly are. You can change that perspective by using  Individualogist.

It gives you the opportunity to find out more about yourself, your deepest desires, and how to achieve your dreams by focusing on the gifts in your life.

Everyone wants to lead a happy life, but a lot of people can't find the right way to lead that type of life due to various decisions they consciously or unconsciously made earlier.

The Individualogist works like a charm for everyone who wants to uncover the negative elements in their personalities.

It pinpoints the areas in your archetype that are holding you back from becoming a better and more fulfilled person.

Once you work on those areas, you will notice a positive change in your lifestyle.


Individualogist Pros:

  • It is easy to understand as it doesn't contain any jargon or complicated terms. You just need to answer the questions in the beginning about yourself based on which the reading will determine your archetype.
  • This reading comes with step by step instructions on how to deal with the problems in your life. It shows you the path that you need to take to bring the positive changes in your personality, thus improving your lifestyle for the better.
  • You can follow the concept given in the results in your day to day activities to avoid significant roadblocks.
  • The results will offer help according to your archetype. You will be able to relate everything from your past and connect it with your present life.
  • It will help you figure out how your past decisions impact your life now and what you need to do to make your future better.
  • The reading’s results come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means if you don't see any positive results, you can claim your money back.
  • Individualogist Cons:

  • This is an online result/reading. You can't access it if you don't have an internet connection.
  • You must follow everything that the reading says in detail to be able to help yourself in life.
  • Overall, the Individualogist is worth trying if you want to live a better and happier life. At just $37, this archetype reading gives you a chance to take a deep look into your personality and find the right path in life for a better future.
  • Final Thoughts

    The Individualogist is a guide that primarily focuses on helping the readers to understand their core personality.

    It gives a detailed view of your archetype and tells you what past decisions are affecting your current lifestyle.

    It also shows you the changes that you should make in your daily life to lead a better life.

    The reading also comes with additional bonuses. You can find the right answer to your questions if you decide to take the reading.

    For guidance that could help you more alongside this reading, click here.

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