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An In-Depth Complete Guide of the Life Path Number 3

May 18, 2020

Today we will focus on the Life Path Number 3.

What it means to be a Life Path Number 3, what romantic partners are compatible and what careers you can aspire to pursue and be successful in.

Just keep in mind that these are guidelines and are not to be used as final. Each person is different and had a specific upbringing and family life.

What you can take of it is that these are tendencies that a Life Path Number 3 has.

Before we jump right in, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some ideas and concepts on Numerology. What it means, in case this is the first time you are reading or researching about it.

Although it you are more seasoned on related topics, feel free to scroll down to the specifics.

Basics of Numerology

Numerology is using the meaning of numbers to predict something or interpret a situation. It is very used on psychic readings.

These are the numbers used, from 1 to 10, any number that is larger than 10 is broken down so both digits are summed up to give one number.

The following are the usual meaning given to each one:

0- everything and nothing all at once
1- singular, individual
2- balance, pair
3- communication
4- creation
5- action
6- responsibility
7- the mind, thought
8- power
9- the end
10- begin again

The meaning of each number can vary from numerologist to numerologist. The above is however, a general representation of the usual meanings used.

The letters of the alphabet can also correspond to a number, so in this case 26 letters. Numerologists can then assign a meaning to a name. For example:

Sue becomes the number 18/20/5

18 becomes 9
20 becomes 2
5 stays as 5
Then it is added: 9+2+5=16
The answer, 16, is reduced to a single digit of 7


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Numerology Charts

life path number 3 careers

Numerology reports and charts can be written for one person or for a couple, to tell in this case what is happening in the relationship.

These reports and charts are not easy to make. To construct them, a numerologist will usually use the name or names and date of birth of the ones involved.

Anniversary dates may also be used when readings are done for couples.

To learn all the meanings of all the numbers and letters is no easy task. Also numerologists need to know the meanings of all the equations when constructing a chart.

But Numerology is not just about reading mathematical equations to their clients. A good Numerologist needs to be able to also respond any questions they may have.

Numerology is a form of divination and can also be used on tarot readings as well as rune casting.

Getting to Know a Life Path Number 3

A life path number is found through a number of equations based on your date of birth. It is also known as your destiny number.

It will give you a great insight into your future and what to do yo achieve success.

If you are a number 3, you are very good at expressing yourself and communicating in general. It does not mean that you are not shy and can speak in front of millions of people.

But it does mean that if you need, you can communicate well, even under pressure.

You use of creativity too to express yourself. Of course each person has their own particularities when doing it, but you are able to conjure not just facts, but feelings and thoughts when conveying something.

Introspection is Your Strong Suit

Your are not only skilled at communicating with others, but with yourself too. You can connect easily with your own feelings and understand why they are there.

A time of introspection is never wasted of taken for granted. You can reflect upon situations and self criticise if needed, without dwelling too much on the error or mistake.

As a life path 3, you have a charisma that draws people in; you make friendships with ease, and tend to enjoy the arts such as writing and speaking.

If someone does you wrong, you are one that does not tend to hold it against them unless it was something serious. A tendency that you have is also to be generous and optimist about others.

I believe one of your main and best characteristics is the fact that you are present, you have no issues simply enjoying the now. This is certainly difficult for most.

You know how to make the most of every moment. It does not take much to inspire you and carry you to a estate of gratitude for what is around you.

That fact that you live such a care free life brings people around you, they are infected by your child like nature.

Some Bad Tendencies of the Life Path 3

While you are good at all that, financial management does not come naturally to you, you can easily spend more than you make, which can put you in difficult situations at times.

It takes time to put you down, but once you are there, it can be difficult to come back up.

You tend to become upset and tend to isolate yourself when things do not go your way.

I suggest taking your Numerology reading Here. It will give you a better understanding about your tendencies, and help you be aware of your actions and reactions.

You can use this understanding to trace a path to success and to achieving your goals and avoid any setbacks by learning your negative traits.

Careers & Aspirations for the Life Path Number 3

life path number 3 meaning

Understanding your tendencies and aspirations early on as a Life Path Number 3 will certainly help you avoid pitfalls and heartache in the business world.

Your aspirations are more towards arts and humanities, you can have some challenges sticking to a position or even choosing one.

But knowing this from the get-go will help you make better decisions.

If you are a Life Path Number 8 and would like to know more about it, click HERE.

When it comes to choosing careers, you are not the most decisive person, I suggest doing a thorough research before choosing anything permanently.

You can change your mind pretty quickly about it.

Make sure you note what your passions and interests are, these can serve as basis for when choosing a career path.

And do not be afraid of starting over if you feel like you did not pick the right one. Sometimes you have to go through a few choices to realise what you want.

Look for positions and careers that are not monotonous and have you doing the same thing or process over and over again. Variety is important to you and so you should look for something that excites you.

Your Hobbies Also Require Some Attention

Furthermore, choose a career that provides you with extra time to pursue your own interests and hobbies. Maybe freelancing or contracting would be a good choice.

Most number 3s are happier when they have extra time to dedicate to something else other than their jobs.

After having chosen a career or a position, the culture of the company or the team you will work with is also essential.

Make sure you are surrounded by high energy individuals that celebrate your artistic side and not suppress it.

Bear in mind that whatever you choose in the end will not be perfect, even the best jobs have boring and dull moments.

Make sure to stick to it so you do not damage your reputation changing careers every few months.

Life Path Number 3 in Marriage & Love Life

life path number 3 compatibility

Number 3s get along best with other creative souls that also are grounded; but that allow their partner to be expressive, artistic and not have to think about serious subjects all the time.

A life Path Number 3 is romantic at heart and likes to connect at an emotional level.

You will also remain who you are and not enjoy the relationship if your partner tries to change you.

Your individuality matters.

Number 3s are usually compatible with Number 5s, as they like to live in the moment and be spontaneous.

It is very likely that, a relationship between them will not be dull and will be full of memories and adventures.

3s are also compatible with 7s, as these are usually intuitive, into spirituality and self-development. They will likely allow you to grow into your own truth.

You will likely connect at an emotional level, achieving a good balance.

I would not recommend starting a relationship with a type 4 or 8; as they are rigid and disciplined usually, and would not enjoy your lack of consistency in a few things.

I suggest having them as friends, as they will bring you back to the real world when you start to float away, and remind you of some hard truths.

Romantic relationships with them though would not be a wise choice. You have different views and perspectives about the world, and that would cause fights in the relationship.

Of course, these assumptions are on a numerology basis.

You cannot forget that each person is different, so do not dismiss someone based on their Life Path Number before getting to know them well.

Always consider their upbringing and personality type too.

Final Words

By studying numerology and understanding who you are as a number 3, you are much better equipped to make choices that you help you in the future.

You will also know what traits you can work on and develop.

Remember to find some stability on your workplace as to avoid jumping ship and changing careers too often.

Ultimately, my hope is that you will learn how to channel all this expressiveness and communication skills to achieve all you ever wanted and dreamt of.


Discover what your Date of Birth really means and how it can shape your future!

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