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An In-Depth Complete Guide of Life Path Number 8

May 18, 2020

Basics of Numerology

life path 8

Today, we are focusing on the Life Path Number 8, its meaning, compatibility in relationships, what careers fit it the most and much more.

When I started researching about Numerology, I had no idea about any of the meanings of numbers, how to discover what life path number you are and last of all, how accurate they are and can easily describe all aspects of your life.

A life path number is a number assigned based on your date of birth.

In numerology, life path numbers dictates the essence of someone, events that happen in their life, relationships they get involved in, career paths they choose and more.

The numerology most frequently practised today is based on the teachings of the famous mathematician Pythagoras. The Pythagoreans believed that all matter was made of numbers and everything could be explained by them.

You do not need to be a famous mathematician though to understand what we will lay off here about the Life Path 8 number. Also, if you do not know your Life Path Number, do not sweat it, you can find out HERE.

Meaning of Life Path Number 8

As a Life Path 8, you are ambitious, success oriented, hard working and an innate leader.

You generally have difficulties when doing life under authoritative figures, as you want to be making all the decisions and usually have difficulties with being told what to do.

Number 8s take their purpose and meaning from achieving great success, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the satisfaction they find in pursuing it.

They also work hard to find financial freedom, material possessions are important for Life Path 8s as these are seen as reward for their effort.

The path to success and fulfilment might not necessarily be linear, there might be challenges along the way, but if they are persistent and do not give up, they generally achieve what they want.

In other words, number 8 is the success number, many people are ruled by 8s. Life Path 8s are also great at reading character, they have great intuition and are directed by it too.

However, not everything is about success for them. They also enjoy having a balanced life in which they can include their families, friends and hobbies, they want others to enjoy the fruits of their success too.

Number 8 Personality Attributes

Being a numerology number 8 does not simply imply you will be rich or successful. You will be required to climb over the difficulties life throws at you.

Fortunately, you are one that works well under pressure and is resilient despite any challenges that come up. You are determined to manifest all you want into reality.

An additional incredible quality you have is self-confidence, which aids you in obtaining what you desire in life.

Usually, when you go through the valleys, you collect yourself and return more powerful than ever.

You believe that everything comes down to a decision you make, so any decision can change your situation in an instant.


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You're Loyal
You are a faithful friend, more than likely you experienced a tough lonesome childhood. That's why you value your close relationships!

You can forgive practically anything, other than dishonesty. This holds true on all your partnerships as well as personal relationships.

You are not afraid of taking risks
As a numerology number 8, you believe everything is possible! You take uncaculated risks to obtain what you desire.

It's difficult for you to assess a situation before throwing yourself in the deep end.

This can lead you to experience financial loss if you're not mindful. you also tend to place all your eggs in one basket.

You never ever quit, especially in situation where everyone else would.

The bottom line is this: You have a solid character and needs to use this energy in a positive manner.

Recap on the Number 8 Personality Attributes:

  • Polite.
  • Driven.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Organised.
  • Effective.
  • Smart.
  • Disciplined.
  • Positive.
  • Dedicated.
  • life path number 8 meaning

    Weaknesses of the Life Path 8

    They can be over ambitious, seemingly rude and arrogant in the eyes of some. In the pursuit of status and success, others may think number 8s are capable of doing anything to achieve their goals.

    When crossed, they are not easily forgiving.

    Some of them can lose sight of what is really important in life, which leads them to forget how to appreciate the little things in life, that make it beautiful.

    Emotional Difficulties a Number 8 Might Encounter

    As mentioned previously, Number 8s can amass success and wealth, but if you are out of alignment as a number 8, you will not be happy.

    You can also become selfish, egocentric, narrow-minded and materialistic.

    The idea is for number 8s to connect with their emotions and realise that life is not all about material possessions.

    Number 8s see things as good or bad, black or white, and because of that you might have some challenges relating to other people as you can be seen as blunt and harsh. 

    Careers for Life Path Number 8

    Several 8s go on to open their own businesses pretty often, entrepreneurial blood runs in their DNA.

    Their drive and ambition are factors that drive them to work long hours and hard to get what they want. Furthermore, their work ethic and job values are what what make them stand out.

    Their commitment to satisfying their objectives maintains them going up the ladder!

    A lot of times, individuals that are numerology number 8 tend to go for the following industries:

    The armed forces
    Federal Government
    Financial Services

    Compatibility With Life Path Number 8

    life path number 8 compatibility

    Numerology number 8s are not the classic romantics, but that does not mean they make bad partners, in fact, their consistency and truthfulness make them for great partners.

    Because they are generally blunt and direct, relationships might not be formed as easily in the beginning.

    It does not be mean they are heartless, most of the time, it is very practical, but it can serve as a stumbling block for romance.

    The best matches for number 8s are the ones that are serene and calm and can work with them during their controlling or authoritative moments.

    Life path Numbers 2 and 6 are the most emotionally sensitive, and they will probably be the most willing to work with number 8s during the tough moments.

    When a life path 8 enters into a relationship with one of these calm souls, and the relationship thrives, it is easy for them to start making more and more decisions without consulting their partner.

    At some point, they become self conscious of this attitude, and start consulting their partner more, while respecting their wise silence and patience.

    Their partners usually end up teaching them more about themselves this way, then if there was a lot of push back in the relationship.

    As I believe it is with most people, the less judged we are for our temper or our actions, the more grateful and respectful we are with those that did not judge us.

    Compatibility Between Life Path Number 4 and Life Path 8 

    Numerology number 8s are also a good match for Life Path Number 4s, as they are also sensible.

    Number 4s tend to look more at details whereas Number 8s tend to look at the big picture so they complement each other.

    They can find Life path 4s boring at times, and these can resent number 8s controlling tendencies, so in some cases romance might not work.

    Life Path 1 and 5 are usually not good matches for 8s, since these are strongly focused in their own independence, career and freedom.

    Remember, even though numerology compatibility states something, this is not set in stone, as each person is different and there are many aspects that make anyone someone.

    It is good to keep this mind when approaching any new relationship.

    Last Words

    If you are an 8, do not take this article as instructions or set in stone rules, you are your own personality and only you know what makes you.

    You can keep this in the back of your mind for when you need it.

    Just know that you are set to be successful and leave your mark in this world, especially in the business industry.

    You have everything you need in order to succeed, be a great boss and a leader.

    Also try to keep at the forefront of your priorities developing better relationships with others, this will help you find a good balance in life.

    Relationships might not be at the top of your list, but they will certainly help you once you reach the top. Besides, you will not want to be by yourself and enjoy success by yourself.

    Life is always better when you enjoy everything with people.

    To summarise, below are some well known personalities, that are or were Life Path Number 8:

    • Michelangelo March 06, 1475
    • Nelson Mandela July 18, 1918
    • Pablo Picasso October 25, 1881
    • 50 Cent July 06, 1975
    • Penelope Cruz April 28, 1974
    • Aretha Franklin March 25, 1942


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