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How to Transform a Prayer Into a Manifestation Prayer

October 28, 2020

In this article we will explore the relation between manifesting and praying, and how to shake up your prayer so this can become a 'manifestation prayer'.

I always wondered if manifesting and praying had any relation at all.

I noticed that I tend to pray or to invoke a higher power when my manifestation is not going as planned or when I feel like I have tried everything else.

I guess that is the human nature.

I am not sure about you but I try to pray every now and then. I wish I prayed every day but that is not the case.

I grew up in a religious household and so I have always heard about the power of prayer; but not until recently have I heard about the power of thoughts and feelings towards manifestation.

prayer for manifestation

Prayer for Manifestation of Miracles

Have you been trying to manifest something into reality? Maybe a job, a partner, a feeling.

I have been focussing on my financial life lately, but I noticed that in some cases, the more you try, the more lack you project out as you are trying to get, get and get.

Delving into feelings of gratitude and contentment can be very helpful at times like these.

Although when I cannot do it, I tend to pray. If you are having issues manifesting or need more information on that, I invite you to check this out. It will give you a better perspective about manifesting.

Whether you have tried some of the things mentioned in the above article or not, praying is never too much.

These are some of the things you can include in your prayer to make it a manifestation prayer:

  • Feelings of gratitude and contentment regardless of what you are going through. If you just ask and ask, that puts you in a frequency of lack more than anything.
  • Affirmations that what you are visualizing has already happened. I.e. I own this house in this amazing neighbourhood. This loving partner is already in my life. My career is taking another level.
  • Faith that the Universe is working in your favour. I.e. whatever is happening around you is directing you to the right outcome. Losses are giving way for the right things or people to show up.

This is a great example of a manifestation prayer.


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Manifestation Prayer: Dos and Don'ts

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word prayer? For me, it is someone kneeling down in devotion. I am sure that for you, it is not something very different than that.

Unfortunately traditions get in the way, but prayers can happen at any moment and in any position.

You can be showering and praying, running and praying, seating down and praying, you get my point.

Prayer is about your faith, your belief, the words that come out of your mouth, but more importantly the feelings you put out when praying.

Gregg Braden beautifully explains how to pray a manifestation prayer:

Click HERE to gain access to this 7 Day Miracle Prayer .

Prayers are about:

  • a connection with yourself and a higher power, universe, or whatever makes sense to you.
  • feeling good
  • having a conversation

Prayers are not about:

  • asking, asking and asking
  • feeling frustrated when these do not seem to be answered
  • traditions and outer appearances

Bible Verses and the Manifestation Prayer

The Bible says ask and you shall receive, but if this was enough to manifest what you wanted, then we all would have the lives envisioned in our dreams.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple, you can say and ask something with words, but your frequency and energy can be completely opposite to what you say you want.

Remember, what you feel on the inside is more important than what you say, when praying.

prayer for manifestation of miracle

Prayer and Meditation to Connect With Your Inner Being

If you have been having a hard time connecting with yourself to pray genuinely, I Invite you to do the following:

Have a seat somewhere comfortable and quiet, seat in a upright position with your hands on your lap.

Take some deep breaths, close your eyes and start thinking about 3 things you are grateful for. Take your time and do not rush.

Feel again what you felt then in those moments, feel the joy and what makes you be grateful for those moments.

Relive those moments if you want, bring to memory the people there, the smells, the sounds, laugh or cry again as you think about them.

Place both hands on your heart centre, feel the heart beating, be grateful for your heart, you are alive because of it, it beats with you wanting or not.

In this moment, whisper to your heart, thank you, wait a few more seconds and whisper it again, and again.

Take a few more deep breaths, wait a few minutes, blink your eyes and come back to your reality.

Remember to prayer this again when you feel disconnected and out of sorts. This has helped me immensely when I could not help myself.

If you are a bit sceptical about the relation between manifestation and prayer, I invite you to watch the following video:

Final Thoughts

It is no longer a mystery to science that we are all connected among ourselves but also the universe and the cosmos, through the Entanglement principle explained above.

This is one of the reasons why prayers work, your well wishes for a sick person can travel and reach them, making them feel better and even healing them.

If you had lost your faith in the power of prayer, I urge you to watch the videos above again, seat with yourself and try to connect with the universe around you.

The feelings of gratitude, appreciation and happiness with work in your favour to bring about what you wish to manifest.

I hope that THIS manifestation prayer helps you as much as it has helped me overall the last few months.


Discover how successful people manifest their thoughts into reality and how you can do it too!

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