January 11


Miracle Mantra: How to Tune Into the Divine Within Each One of Us

January 11, 2021

Technology has driven us to become superficial and egoistic, but spiritual power and awareness is what can make the human race worthy of inhabiting the earth and connect with it.

Our purpose should be to re-discover philosophy. The only philosophy that can lead us to success is connecting to the divine power.

Yes, often you'll hear that there's nothing other than the physical and the mental.

But humans tend to forget how much they owe to the soul, and for them, the only reality is this life in earthly bodies.

All of the human's wonders come from the soul, which is nothing but a reflection of the divine light.

Your soul has a connection with your divine light.

It is natural that the knowledge which is coming from that divine light can change your material life and bring about miracles.

But the question is how as a mortal being, you can re-connect to the divine light.

The answer lies in the secrets of the mantra, which will not only lift you up to a higher level of living but will shower on you all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe.

We will spend some time talking about a miracle mantra, that will help you take you back to the essence of who you are and the connection with the divine light or DNA within you.

What Does the Miracle Mantra Mean?

Mantras are composed of some letters that have a specific meaning.

Which in turn have been created by sages who have been highly evolved at a point in time and who have also been able to connect to the higher realm of enlightened energy.

The mantra, in general, is conceived as a creative force, which can help you in accessing that energy and thus lead to experiencing a higher level of living.

The mantra meditation has been the same irrespective of the spiritual discipline it comes from, whether it's Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, or any other religion.

It is all about removing all obvious distractions from the mind and then connecting to the higher divine energy.

In this state of meditation, the concentration on the mantra is at its peak, with all the distractions having been already removed from the mind.

The entire focus is on the mantra; this is the main reason why the mantra takes utmost importance.

Here are some common mantras people use to develop their spiritual life and achieve a higher energy level within.

shreem mantra miracle

1. Om Mani Padme Hum

Nothing is as powerful a mantra as this.

It is one of the most ancient mantras in the world. It has the power to bring divine ordeals to the human level.

In itself, it is a gift that can sustain the fortune of the world.

Humankind has lost the dignity of our true divine nature. And it is the last hope to revive that purity.

It is a mantra that is chanted with complete feeling, not only heals diseases but also brings a complete transformation to the soul, a process which is called a "spiritual renewal."

It's a prime mantra that the Buddhist monks and Yogis chant diligently.

The purpose of a mantra is to renew the mind of the person chanting it from the inside out.

It is to rewire your subconscious with beliefs that can change you.

Here's a complete breakdown of what the mantra pronounces: "Om" is the first sound that symbolizes the physical body with its five senses.

The second "Mani" represents the mental body, the seat of intelligence.

And just like the physical body, the mental body can be just as fragile and can be destroyed severely.

In the next "Padme," the redemptive power is fully showcased, which has the power to save the human mind and heart.

It heals through prayer and introspection and offers the followers authentic happiness than feelings of joy and fun.

The last "Hum" is for the enlightenment of the soul.

It is for that divine power that will bring the soul to its truly natural state.

It is the sound that denotes the ascendance of the soul capable of expressing the full divinity.

2. Om Namah Shivaya

Everything in this world has a certain rhythm. And the life pulsates to the sound of this rhythm.

The same is the case with our bodies. The central part of the body is the "drum," which keeps the rhythm.

When we keep the rhythm of a mantra, we enter a state of trance called "Samadhi," where we become one with that mantra.

"Om Namah Shivaya" is the one mantra that is known to bring the "Samadhi" easily and without difficulty.

It is extremely rare and difficult to achieve this state. But once you do, you will feel like a new creation with a new feeling of bliss, peace, and harmony.

The rhythm of this mantra is so intense that it takes you to the exalted state of what is called a God-consciousness.

You will realize the divine power in you, and that state will make you experience what and who you really are.

And it is not only a feeling, but you would also experience what others call "miracles."

Now for the meaning of the mantra: "Om" for the material energy and sense, "Namah" for the spiritual force.

"Shivayaaa" is the source of all material energies and sense.

When these energies meet with the above name, they become one.

This powerful mantra is the secret of all time and space.


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3. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

If you are a seeker of truth and spiritual wisdom, this mantra is for you!

As you chant this mantra, you are basically calling for blessings from the Creator of humankind.

An ancient prayer in an even more ancient language, Sanskrit, signifies that you are willing to stop the suffering in the world.

This mantra is meant for the seekers and it is often recited at the end of a parayanam.

In a very short yet powerful way, the mantra calls for divine blessings so that all of the misery and suffering can be overcome.

To give you a better understanding of the mantra, let's break down the words before going on to the meaning behind each word.

Loka- Loka means the world in Sanskrit, which can be either the celestial world or the world of suffering and material temptations.

Each of these worlds has a divine force that rules over it.

Samastah Samastah means equal. Sukhino Bhavantu Sukhino Bhavantu means "may all prosper" here.

Basically, this mantra says that if only everything in the world is equal and exists in harmony with each other, then it can achieve bliss.

It is a powerful mantra that can bring relative peace, happiness, and joy to the world.

If we can cut down on suffering, decrease chaos, and bring unity among all people and countries, then we will be able to understand one another and build bridges of trust and understanding.

mantra for miracle cure

4. Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah

Many people think that the most powerful miracle mantra is only the one that works to bring good luck and prosperity to their lives; but the essence of a mantra depends on how fast you can penetrate through it and how much you can understand yourself.

This powerful mantra, which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, a god with an elephant head, shows that all the signs of Yam (blemish) and Sansaar (world) are only illusions.

The secret behind this mantra is that a person who chants this mantra on a daily basis will get the power to recognize the illusion which is deep in his heart; and with the divine blessings in the form of virtues and good wishes, he gets the help that he needs.

5. Om Vasudhare Svaha

"Om Vasudhare Svaha " is a powerful mantra that, in Hinduism, is used by the Yogis and sages to bring prosperity and better life.

This miracle mantra is considered to be a very protective one too and can cure you of all the diseases that try to make your life miserable.

With the regular chanting of this mantra, a person can make the best use of his life and live peacefully.

Let's take a look at the meaning of this mantra.

Vasudhare is a deifying word used as a term for God.

Vasudhare is the one who has given you all the fortune of this life, and with the blessings of him, you can make your life better.

Svaha is another word that is generally associated with Hinduism. It means calling for God.

Essentially, the mantra means that if you call for good fortune, God will give you good fortunes.

6. Kundalini Miracle Mantra

A mantra is one of the greatest discoveries that humans have made.

They have the power to change your state of being complete. And the Kundalini Miracle Mantra is one such mantra. Yes, it has its own advantages.

No matter who you are, where you are, and what you are doing, you can start chanting this mantra and can light the divine spark in your entire being.

It's a miracle mantra that comprises of powerful words and syllables.

Whenever a person starts chanting this mantra, the energy which is within him or her gets activated.

Slowly and steadily, it reaches the nitty-gritty of a person until it touches the Akashic records.

And that is where your destiny lies!

Shabda Brahman is what we call the power of saying OM.

When you recite this mantra, you start chanting the name of the original Creator.

This miracle mantra opens your energy channels.

That is why it helps to tune yourself to the divine light, which is hidden in your soul.

If you are unhappy and truly want to change your life drastically, it is important that you do a few things.

First, you need to select a secluded room where you are getting no disturbance.

It is important that you are not disturbed at all. So turn off your mobile phone, tv, etc.

Then you sit down with a straight back and put your palms together.

After this, look for the mantra that you want to chant. Slowly, start chanting it and then get immersed in its meaning.

what does the miracle mantra mean

7. Shreem Mantra Miracle

This mantra is believed to have been designed by Lord Shiva in the Shaiva age and is considered one of the most ancient mantras in India.

Shreem, which means "I adore you," was chanted by the priestly brahmin to invoke and worship Lord Shiva in a tantric way.

This powerful mantra calls for the presence of Lord Shiva himself to provide you with protection and bless you with peace.

Sometimes we find that we go through difficult times, and we blame that our luck is bad; but when this mantra is chanted patiently with devotion, it will drive away all the tantric spells and negative energies in the person and the place where the mantra is chanted.

In summary, try to spare some time during your day to sit, concentrate and chant these mantras so you can get to a estate of a higher level of consciousness.

This will certainly help you in all areas of your life and will not be a waste of time.

Inner searches are never a waste of time. 😊

This practice combined with a miracle meditation would for sure help you achieve inner miracles.


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