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How to Transform Your Routine Meditation Into a Miracle Meditation

May 18, 2020

Before we talk about transforming your meditation into a miracle meditation, I thought it would be a good idea to brush up on its history and origin.

Meditation is a practice that has been around for many millennia.

There are no records in history that state where it all started; however a combination of many practices from different cultures and civilisations make up the practices you are familiar with today.

India is among the main cultures that helped spread out modern meditation and has become a reference for anyone interested in mastering the practice.

Meditation Streams

Patanjali is among one of the many Indian authors who wrote about meditation and its benefits. His works include the Vedas and the Yoga Sutras.

Siddharta Gautama, also know as Buddha, is probably the most influential figure that has ever existed when it comes to meditating.

He came to prominence around 500 BC, after achieving enlightenment through meditation.

His impact was such that it spread throughout and Asia and later the whole world.

Meditation, then, started in the East and has been picked much later in the West.

In the past, there was an aspect of religiosity and spirituality involved with the practice.

As it became more common in the west, teachers started to focus more on its health aspects.

Regardless of that, meditation is still a practice that certainly provides a whole range of health and mental health benefits.

guided meditation for miracles


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Meditation's Healing Properties

It is no secret that the mind is connected to the body and the body to the mind. And that your thoughts dictate the quality of your life.

In fact, Quantum Physics proves this.

If you can control your mind, that will certainly help you take control of your life too.

Nowadays, stress and stress hormones provoke over 50% of all body ailments and diseases.

Meditation is a tool that many, especially in the West, are using to control their level of stress and increase the quality of their emotions and thought patterns.

Healing Stories

In order for you to understand the power of the mind and meditation practices, I will tell you a story about Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dr. Joe Dispenza had a car accident a few years back, which put him on a wheel chair.

The doctors persisted that he would require a back surgery in order to ever walk again.

Dr. Joe knew in his mind, that the same body that got hurt could heal itself again.

He then started an inner process of meditation which lasted about 3 months.

Every day , for weeks, he would seat on his wheel chair, imagining, meditating and visualising his spine and vertebrae being made whole.

It was a tough process but he never gave up, 3 months later he was not only walking again, but doing exercises and moving like nothing ever happened.

For the full detailed story, watch the video below:

This is just one of the many stories where the meditation practice literally saved someone's life.

I have many a time practised meditation to lower my stress level. Working in the financial industry can prove hard at times.

The secret to a healing meditation practice is of course your mental focus plus the breathing.

By breathing slowly and deeply, you are:

  • filling your brain and cells with oxygen
  • filling your blood with oxygen which helps your muscles relax, increase focus, increase your energy level and boost concentration.
  • decreasing muscular pain
  • improving your immunity
  • improving digestion
  • lowering your blood sugar and more

If you want to transform your daily meditation into a miracle meditation, then I suggest you focus 110% on the practice every time you sit to meditate.

Ten minutes focused on it are better than one hour half focused, focus your mind and your breathing.

5 Minute Miracle Meditation

I am pretty sure we all have full and busy lives, making it more difficult to meditate for longer periods of time sometimes.

Even though I would like to meditate longer in my daily practice, most of time, I simply cannot.

However it is not because I can only meditate for 5 or 10 minutes at a time that I will do it at all.

Five minute meditations can really help change your focus and the state you are in.

In several occasions at work I took a 5 minute break, went to the bathroom and meditated there, and I can tell you that it made a huge different on stress and anxiety levels.

To summarise, a normal 5 minute meditation can become your 5 minute miracle meditation, as long as you are focused.

Do not underestimate it because of its length.

power thoughts meditation

Guided Meditation for Miracles

Listening to a guided meditation is probably the easiest and best way to get started into the habit of meditating.

I would argue that it is the best form to start because:

  • you feel like someone is guiding in the right direction.
  • you do not have to stress thinking about what to think about.
  • there are a huge variety of meditations and teachers to try listening to, which means you can move on if you do not enjoy your first choice.

Magic Manifestation is a great way to start with guided meditations.

This program contains a variety of guided meditations that play in the same frequency your brain waves do.

This facilitates reaching your subconscious more easily. Your subconscious is where all your mind programming and conditioning is.

For you to change your mindset, you have to change the programs in your subconscious.

If you want to manifest a different reality from the one you are living now, I suggest checking the Magic Manifestation program.

Furthermore, for more tips on manifesting your dream life, check out our article Manifesting 101: Simple Steps to Co-Create With the Universe.

Power Miracle Meditation Techniques

I mentioned about guided meditations being the easiest and most simple to start with. But within the meditation techniques themselves, there are hundreds to choose from.

There is no such thing as the best meditation technique, you have to choose which is best for you, so it is a personal preference.

To start when choosing a meditation style, there are 2 to start with, guided and unguided. I spoke a little bit about guided ones in the previous section.

Unguided meditations, however, are silent meditations, in which you seat by yourself without having someone guide you.

You can then focus on your thoughts and breath rhythm.

Meditations can also be classified as Insight or Calming.

Calming meditations are the ones where you try to calm your mind and find a peaceful state to be in.

On a calming meditation, you usually focus on something like a mantra, a visualisation or your breath, and return to it when distracted.

On a Insight Meditation, you try to gain insight about something, your feelings, what comes up when you start meditating, etc.

You actually do not need to box yourself in on one or the other, you can use aspects of both when practising.

Ancient Miracle Meditation Techniques

There are so many meditation styles as mentioned, but what is important is to start doing it, do not overthink it, simply search for it online, try a few types and practise the ones you prefer the most.

Any meditation can become a miracle meditation.

There are some of the older types:

Mantra Meditation: This meditation helps you focus on a particular mantra, that could be a word, song or phrase.

The idea behind is it to help you assimilate that mantra into your subconscious in order to promote an inner change.

Transcendental Meditation: This technique is available in several countries via TM teachers.

It consists of a mantra meditation twice a day, usually evening and morning meditations.

5 minute miracle meditation

Yoga Meditation: In the same way that there are many types of meditations, likewise, there are many types of yoga practises.

Some focus more on strengthening muscles while others on the breathing. It is good to research them before engaging on it.

Vipassana Meditation: This is one of my favourites, it invites you to contemplate your own existence, your life and choices so far, in order to boost a change in perspective.

It forces you to look within and start making choices that will move you in the direction you want to take.

Chakra Meditation: This is an amazing technique to realign and heal your chakras.

This will help you focus on each one, and notice any imbalances in your body and mind.

Blocked chakras can cause your energy to lower attracting similar low energy to your life.

Eastern Traditional Meditations

Qigong Meditation: This is an old Chinese practise that focuses on liberating energy tunnels in your body.

If you learn how to harness this energy within, it helps you heal mind and body.

Sound Bath Meditation: This technique gets the help of instruments to create a relaxing sound around you helping you focus and concentrate your mind on anything.

Zen Meditation: This one was developed by Buddha and it consists of sitting upright and paying attention to your breath and how the belly goes up and down.

This works on the ability to being present.

As mentioned before, any practise can be transformed into a miracle meditation if you focus 100% on it when practising and believe it can help you.

If necessary watch again the story by Dr. Joe Dispenza.


Are you having difficulty attracting what you want? Clear any abundance blocks holding you back by listening to this FREE Abundance Miracle Tone daily. 

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