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Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

July 27, 2020

Financial crises can be disheartening, alarming, and daunting, but even in the midst of it, you can use the practice of declaring Money Affirmations to assist you in calming your subconscious.

Many people might not believe in it but declaring or saying money affirmations out loud can certainly help you gain a positive outlook.

Your subconscious does not know the difference between reality and imagination.

If you practice declaring money affirmations to yourself on a daily basis, then it might take only a few days to transform your negative thoughts into positive ones when you firmly believe in what you are declaring.

If you are a negative thinker and can't get negative vibes out of your mind. I am going to share the importance of having a practice such as a list of money affirmations on the ready and how it can help you attract wealth and abundance.

Let's start with what are money affirmations why they are important and also discuss its benefits in detail.

What are Money or Abundance Affirmations?

Money Affirmations or Abundance Quotes are a set of statements that people repeat in their mind in order to bring those statements to reality.

They can be related to a situation or an outer reality or an inner reality you want to see come to fruition within yourself. I.e. I am resourceful.

We understand that whatever we think about or think of is attracted to us, hence if you state or think about a reality you want to attract. Then the Universe will stat to bring that reality to you.

These Mantras or Affirmations develop a sense of positivism, helping people deal with situations in a less stressful way.

Though we all know that these affirmations won't make money for you, they will surely increase your sense of effort and positivity to assist in dealing with a hard time.

With time, they will bring a sense of calm and positivity in you and help you release stress and apprehension.

Once you decide implementing them and repeating them on a daily basis, it will take from 40 to 60 days to transform your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Many psychologists talk about the power of self-praise. Marisa Peer talks about it in this easy to follow video:

Your way of thinking will start changing, and you will start looking at different perspectives in a broader way.

Beliefs are like a muscle, the more you practice it, the more it grows.

You can attract money immediately by focusing on the following below-mentioned mantras.

Abundance Affirmations for Wealth Building

This is a list of abundance affirmations you can use to reframe your subconscious by repeating them:

1- I am worthy of finding happiness

The secret to true happiness depends on how much you believe you deserve happiness.

You are worthy of having every happiness in the world.

You can't proceed to other Mantras if you don't agree or do not master this one first.

Hence to eliminate all negativity, you should be of the opinion that you are worthy of every happiness and it will come to you in due time.


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2- I am enough and I will always be enough

Instead of complaining about the things you don't have, try and focus on the blessings God has given you.

Many people make the mistake of thinking about the blessings they have lost or have not received.

Remember, what you focus on is always what comes to you all the more.

Accept that we are not here forever, what is gone is your past and what you have is your present. Instead of focusing on the past, try to make your present and future better.

3- I am thankful for what I have now

Being jealous of others' wealth can destroy your mental health and take away every happiness and blessing you have right now.

Instead of looking at someone else's wealth, keep your focus on your own.

Try and be thankful for whatever you have, and stop complaining about those things you don't have.

Negativity and jealousy are poison, and it vanishes your joy and peace.

Hence put an end to any jealousy factor in you and try to learn how to be happy in someone else's happiness.

4- I am a money magnet

The money that you attain is the outcome of your hard work and diligence that you do every day with.

There are seasons for everything, seasons to spend, but also seasons to save and invest, and make wise decisions when it comes to finances.

Make plans to make the money work for you instead of the other way around.

5- I am generous

When you give your money to needy people, it is a spiritual belief that it will get back to you.

You do not need to give only money away, I particularly believe that time is even more important.

Generosity is more about you than the people you are giving to.

Other than that, you can examine the list of things that a particular person needs.

If someone needs groceries, you can provide them groceries, or if someone can't afford food items, you can donate them.

When you give with a pure heart, you make room for joy and contentment to come it your way.

abundance quotes

Abundance Quotes

When you first begin declaring affirmations and abundance quotes, you might start to think that it is silly and that repeating them will never change anything.

This happened to me in the beginning too, but I can tell you that it literally changes your mindset for that better plus it removes any lack mentality.

Let's put a light on a few quotes that might be helpful for you in the future.

  • I am deserving of abundance in my life
  • Money comes to me in miraculous ways
  • I am open to receive wealth in many ways
  • The more I give, the more I receive. The more I receive, the more I give
  • I love my positive, happy, abundant life

The Importance of Abundance Affirmations

People use affirmations for different purposes. In simple words, they are used to rechange your doubtful mind.

These affirmations will help you manifest the life of your dreams.

It is all about transfiguring your negative thoughts into positive, which gives you motivation and courage to do better.

It brings various changes in life as people start thinking differently, yet all the changes occur for good.

Affirmations in general or abundance affirmations are crucial if you want to renew your mind and have self-worth that results in better well-being. When you feel that you deserve everything, you are more likely to receive it.

People usually ask, do abundance affirmations work? Yes, they do work.

By declaring affirmations according to what you want to achieve, you will develop a sense of positivity in you that results in constructive outcomes.

I keep affirmations according to the situations.

For instance, whenever I am about to enroll in exams, I create different positive scenarios that help me deal with the situation.

Similarly, If I am having a bad day, I keep thinking and assuming good things that affect my mood, and suddenly I am thinking positively.

The Benefits of Money Affirmations

We can't deny the fact that such affirmations have changed the mindset of thousands of people across the globe.

You are wrong if you think that affirmations will work while you keep thinking negatively and don't believe in it.

Some of its benefits are below:

  • They motivate you to fulfill your goals. Money affirmations create a sense of motivation in you that helps you achieve your goals.
  • They boost your energy and help you focus on your career. Goal achievement is aided by consistently keeping your mind focused on the 'goal zone.'
  • These affirmations transfigure your negative mind and change you into thinking positively. You start looking at the brighter side that helps you in every way of life.
  • You start believing in miracles and they also remove any jealousy factor.
  • Moreover, they enhance your self-confidence and self-love. You start believing in yourself, and self-belief eliminate all doubts that destroy your peace.

How Do Money Affirmations Can Help You Emotionally

All of us are conditioned and programmed since childhood, either to have an abundance or a lack mindset, by not fault of our own.

It is our job to renew and change our mindset so we can stop sabotaging any plan we want to achieve.

If you want to achieve something but keep moving back constantly and away from your plans, you probably are sabotaging yourself subconsciously.

Repeating affirmations as a way to change your mindset, will most certainly help you going forward. A few affirmations you can repeat to yourself are:

  • I am at peace and one with everything
  • All good things are coming to me today
  • My life is full of abundance
  • Uplifting and supportive people surround me
  • I am grateful to be alive.

When you bring positive thoughts in your mind, they will help you to stay peaceful and at ease.

You will feel that thinking with a positive mind, can bring peace in your life that results in your firm belief on these emotional affirmations.

Similarly, when you are thankful for your existence, you will be granted more.

These are not just words. One should believe in the power of these words. Emotions mean energy in motion.

More important than the affirmations you declare, are your feelings. When you feel joy and good, then the Universe will send you more of those feelings.

If you don't fully believe in these words, how come you will avail of its benefits.

The real objective of these abundance quotes is to feel the emotions behind these statements so that they actually work.

The feelings are the ones that make all the difference. If you can't feel positive vibes, you will not believe it.

Hence before practicing it, remove every doubt from the mind.

How Do You Create Money Quotes That Are Turned Into Money Affirmations?

The pre-eminent way to create an affirmation is to list all the negative features that bother you and stop you from doing or believing in good.

If there is any negative quality in you, feature it on a notepad. It will help you analyze how to cope with the situation or how to deal with your negative aspect.

You can make this list as per your own assessments or from other people’s judgment. This is the first step to create a list of affirmations.

Later once you get your hands on all those negative qualities in you, try to rephrase them with a positive affirmation.

When you get introduced to new positive words, it will help you deal with the negativity.

Sometimes you will go through normal positive words while some words will truly touch your heart and soul.

You can rank them according to the amount of change you want in yourself.

Declare your affirmation out loud to yourself anywhere and everywhere, when jogging, eating, meditating, in the shower, etc.

You can even do it in front of the mirror, it might be uncomfortable at first.

This has the distinct advantage of seeing your facial expressions and including accentuation before a mirror. 

You can even keep a recording of them, as to use them whenever you want to repeat your affirmations.

It is how you can become your own coach in your low days if you don't feel comfortable approaching someone else for this purpose.

abundance affirmations

How Do You Use Money Affirmations?

Once you have created a list of affirmations that you are going to practice daily, the next step requires you to decide when to practice it.

As per a few recommendations, some people prefer to do it in the morning while others perform at night before going to bed.

Some keep these money mantras in a note pad while some paste it on their washroom mirrors or keep them in a purse/wallet as a reminder.

Different people perceive it differently, but what's best for you, you should go for that.

I would suggest you write those affirmations on a daily basis because it is how they become a part of the subconscious mind.

Putting down your affirmations on a notepad is always a great option. Now various apps have been originated that people use for practicing these money mantras.

Final Thoughts

Having an unyielding belief is the key element to start anything new. If you practice it with a doubtful mind, you will end up feeling nothing.

If you want to avail of the benefits of affirmations, you should practice it wholeheartedly.

I have mentioned above how you can create your own affirmations and how to work on them.

Negativity won't lead you anywhere. Hence, from today start practicing positive thinking and make your life better and more peaceful.

Release anxiety and depression through money mantras and money affirmations.

I hope this article helps you get started on practising what could literally change your mindset and therefore your life.


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