November 23


Personality Number 11: Meaning, Aspirations and Relationships

November 23, 2020

If you are a Personality Number 11, you battle with the anxiety of showing your emotions, knowing that you are deeply sensitive.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and feel that you are judged harshly at times.

Also, you are careful not to show your feelings, and yet you are always so humble and kind.

If you are like that, you are a Personality Number 11!

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1. Characteristics of the Personality Number 11

1.1 You Are Extremely Sensitive and Intuitive

With the number 11 comes great sensitivity, intuition, and empathy for others.

Others’ vibrations are felt very deeply, and like a finely tuned antenna, you usually pick up things other people do not perceive.

You are unselfish because you believe in the common good and you also see things as they could be, and you aim to make them that way.

Most times, you put your heart into anything you take on, and you give all you have to it, which includes your heart and mind.

You dream big dreams. You are sentimental, especially in a loving relationship; a large heart and a strong desire to contribute to the welfare of mankind make your life a rich and rewarding one.

1.2 You Are Very Patient and Understanding

You are very patient and understanding, and you are always willing to hear other people's points of view.

Looking at both sides of an issue before you make a decision is very common for you.

You spare no effort when it comes to helping others, and you often give while expecting nothing in return.

Putting effort into things and a willingness to take the extra step to make things work out is one of your common traits.

Always, you see the merit in other people, and you have faith in something greater than the material world.

You believe that there is a good reason for everything that happens in life.

Being generous is one of your main characteristics and you are willing to share your wealth and material possessions.

Most people do not know that you have virtually nothing when it comes to material things because you always give it away.

You are also selfless, which can tempt you to do things that are ill-advised.

Look before you leap. Remember, not all is what it seems. You are also a fear fighter because you refuse to let your fears control you.

You look for ways to conquer your fears and to use them as stepping stones to achieve your goals in life.


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1.3 You Are Always Committed to Relationships

In relationships, you feel the need to sacrifice yourself for the other person.

You like to make people happy, and you put their happiness and needs above your own.

Although a caring and compassionate person, sometimes you get taken advantage of by others.

You need to learn to say No to unreasonable demands, especially if they are made by persons you love and they feel like they are breaking  boundaries.

This is a difficult number to live with when it comes to relationships because you are always willing to do for others what they should be doing for themselves.

You are capable of great love, and you are very tolerant of people, but you have a hard time sharing yourself with others because you need your own space.

You need to learn to be more independent in a relationship and to stand up for your rights without being unkind to the other person.

It's important to realize that most times, you take on too much responsibility at work or in relationships.

Only those who feel they have control over their lives are able to enjoy this one.

2. Meaning of Personality Number 11

The number 11 meaning is connected with human relations, humanitarian work, and service.

You have a strong need to be needed.

It is your responsibility in life to make your contribution to the welfare of others, and there is no better contribution than the selfless act of giving love and comfort to those who are in need.

The numbers of the Master Teacher, the Master Numerologist, and the Master Alchemist are all related to the 11.

All of these numbers have some sort of responsibility to help mankind, and in your own way, you too must find a way to give back to others.

You share the ideals of the humanitarian worker, and you have strong feelings of justice and fair play.

Overall, you believe that if you work hard, you will reap the rewards that your talent should be used for the good of all.

You are a person much admired for your distinctive traits, and people feel a deep sense of gratitude for your love and understanding.

Furthermore, you have a great desire to see the world become a better place for everyone.

3. Careers for the Personality Number 11

The personality number 11 is related to human relations, particularly humanitarian work and service.

It is necessary to make a contribution to others as you live out your life.

Your greatest contribution to mankind is your own selflessness, honesty, integrity, and genuine concern for others.

Professions that are preferred, because they have a direct link with the service of others, are those of:

  1. Contractors
  2. Social workers
  3. Human resources
  4. Counsellors
  5. Teacher
  6. Ministers
  7. Psychologists
  8. Fashion designers and actors

Those who have the number 11 have a strong sense of responsibility to help others.

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You are a practical idealist, but you have difficulty making your dreams a reality.

On the other hand, you also have a strong natural intuition, and you make a great pioneer, explorer, and/or an adventurer.

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4. Romantic Compatibilities of Personality Number 11

The numbers 1 and 11 are numbers that have great chemistry together, especially in a business partnership.

They are both hard workers with a strong sense of responsibility, but only when they come together do they each get what they are searching for, idealism and practicality.

Both of them are committed to mutual growth, and you are both willing to sacrifice for the other. This is not a marriage of convenience. It is a union of hearts, minds, and souls.

Each person will add something important to the relationship.

The 1 will bring the traditional values of honesty, humility, and commitment to family, and the 11 will add the idealism and the risk-taking spirit that made the United States of America great for example.

Partnerships with an 11 often result in very unusual and exciting life. They enjoy unusual hobbies and activities and extend their inquisitive mind to the unknown.

Their main interest in life is to explore and gain knowledge.

They are interested in making a contribution and being of service to the larger community.

This relationship is a good friendship, but it is not a good love match because you are too different.

If this relationship happens and includes children, it is a good choice because it combines the uniqueness of the 11 with the strength and loyalty of the 1.

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