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Spiritual Cleansing: Ways to Cleanse Yourself For a More Meaningful Life

July 27, 2020

There comes a time when you need a cleansing of the soul and a cleansing of the heart. A spiritual cleansing that will sweep away everything that leaves you spiritually dusty and dirty.

To remove sadness, agony, anger, fear, frustration, guilt, discouragement, pain, hatred, resentment, and anguish from your life, you need to perform a spiritual cleansing.

Although, what is a spiritual cleansing?

What is Spiritual Cleansing?

First of all, it should be known that this is a process of spiritual connection that aims to bring positive energies and ward off bad ones.

Better, spiritual cleansing is a renewal of being.

However, we must first understand that we are spiritual beings living in a material body and that, therefore, we have an aura, which is the very emanation of the spirit.

Energy Cleansing: An Act Of Purification Of The Mind

When you turn on a regular bulb, the light it emits forms a luminous aura in its surroundings. Similarly, the spiritual body inserted in the material body offers it a bright outline, called an aura.

Aura (from Latin aura, the breath of air) is the energy field that appears around the dense body.

A person can perceive it with a parapsychic sensitivity developed as a light field fused by different colors.

These colors reflect the quality of thoughts and feelings manifested by consciousness.

We all have a physical body and a spiritual body. The spiritual body is also called the light body, energy field, aura, Psychosom, or perispirit.

This energy field generates an aura up to one meter in diameter.

It manifests itself primarily through the essence of everyone's thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and this is where the explanation begins to unfold.

This extra-physical field is formed of electromagnetic energy and is therefore made up of two polarities, positive and negative.

And when a person's thoughts, emotions, and feelings are disorganized, restless, tense, pessimistic, loaded with fear and anguish, this extra physical power is out of balance.

At that moment, the abundant accessible energy begins to form.

spiritual cleansing bath herbs

Major Benefits of Body and Soul Cleansing?

If you practice Spiritual Cleansing Regularly, this regular practice can bring amazing results. Most of the benefits which many of us experience are:

  • Super Relaxation of Mind or Mental Healing
  • A wonderful connection with life
  • Emotional Healing
  • Physical Healing
  • Ability to develop harmony

How to Perform a Spiritual Cleansing?

You can protect yourself energetically in various ways. People these days try different amazing things like spiritual cleansing baths, herbs, and oils.

Feel what suits you and experience what works best for you when you try it. Trust your intuition.

You can follow any spiritual cleansing rituals and prayers according to the results you are having with each of them.


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7 Sacred Signs From the Universe

Spiritual Cleansing Rituals

These are some ways that are wildly recognised a spiritual cleansing rituals:

  • By grounding, you stand firm in yourself, and unnecessary or ‘bad’ energy can be more easily dissipated. Stand up and connect to the Earth by stepping firmly with your feet and count to 10 slowly. Or ground yourself by imagining that you are an old oak with solid thick roots. Your body follows your mind, also during this visualisation. Consciously let unnecessary energies flow through your feet into the Earth. Deliberately inhale the earth force (up your feet) a few times. Then let excess energies flow through your feet into the Earth through your exhalation. Ask the Earth to neutralise and transform these energies into higher forms of love and light.
  • Become aware of unpleasant/strange feelings and physical sensations. Then ask your omniscient part, "Is this energy mine?" Send the energy that does not belong to you with your power of intent back to the owner.
  • Clean your aura with the smoke of white sage. You burn the dried leaves in a shell. You blow the smoke around you, possibly with a spring—open windows and doors for fresh air.
  • Ask angels to purify your body and aura. Only allow yourself to be supported by pure light beings connected to the Source of unconditional love and light.
  • Visualise the colours of the seven chakras in your body one by one (red, orange, yellow, light green, light blue, indigo, white / violet).
  • Take a shower before going to bed.
  • Visualise standing under a waterfall that cleanses you to the depths of your cells.

Body And Spiritual Purification

  • Protect yourself from negative electromagnetic radiation. For example, place a black tourmaline near your computer and under any electrical device, in the meter cupboard, etc. Or you can place a large orgonite in the middle of the room.
  • Use blossom remedy, Yarrow. It has a protective effect on people who overreact sensitive to energy influences from their environment.
  • Avoid people with a negative appearance and people who take energy away from you.
  • Visualise a crystal white light, a golden light egg, an air bubble, a lead curtain, or violet light all around you from your crown to under your feet. Think or say, "This protects me from negative energies."
  • Visualise that you close like a lotus flower that brings back its petals for the night.
  • Imagine yourself as a moving violet or golden flame that burns brightly and powerfully and makes negative vibrations impossible to penetrate through you.
  • Ask your guardian angel for help or say, "Archangel Michael, please put a golden column of light around me and protect me wherever I go all day long."
  • Light a candle and connect from your intention to the Source of love and light. Connect your heart to the sacred heart of Jesus Christ with any spiritual cleansing prayer.
  • spiritual cleansing rituals

    Other Rituals

    • Wear a grounding gem (often these are black or red). Possibilities: smoky quartz, agate, aragonite, carnelian, garnet, hematite, obsidian, onyx, red jasper, ruby.
    • If you care for or help people, say "done!" if you have ended contact with your client. Then cut the energetic connection. Make a hood movement of your arms from above your head to the Earth. Say, "I break all ties, knots, and cords with this person." Do that a few times on the front of your body. In mind, also do it for the back and finish with the sides of your body.
    • Put yourself in the light and say decisively: "All powers and powers that have been taken from me, now return to me!".

    Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in half a liter of warm water. Wash with a washcloth to clean yourself thoroughly. Let the salt dry on your skin. After an hour you can shower if you want.

    Also, you can use any essential oils for spiritual cleansing after a spiritual cleansing bath.

    Imagine yourself in the golden rain that washes away everything that does not belong to you.

    5 Most Common Techniques used for Spiritual Cleansing:

    Sometimes, it becomes necessary to do a spiritual cleansing of the body, even of the organs, and particularly the aura.

    The aura is an energy field that surrounds and fills the human being; it is made up of different subtle bodies.

    In the Universe, many energies interfere with yours, some are Light, some are Dark.

    In our daily life, we only need to turn on the television, and we see some violent images or themes, negative subjects, which bring us closer to the Darkness than to the Light without even realizing it.

    Negative thoughts about ourselves also cause aura imbalance, which results in excess Darkness within us.

    If you recognize yourself in either of these situations or simply feel that you need to do a spiritual cleansing of your body; here are five ideas for spiritual cleansing that are accessible to everyone and can done at home.

    These will purify your body:

    Idea 1: The Spiritual Cleansing Bath Of The Yogi

    The purifying yogi bath is a technique of spiritual cleansing of the body, which will thoroughly cleanse the aura.

    Fill your tub, and add 250 grams of baking soda and half a kilo of coarse salt. Mix well.

    This recipe will help you remove chemicals that have entered the physical body, and negativity that hangs over your aura.

    Stay in this purifying bath for 20 minutes every day for seven days. If you don't have a bathtub, you can also do this cleansing just on your hands and feet, using a basin.

    You may feel weird or even sickened while bathing. This is a sign that your body is successfully eliminating toxins and negativity. To avoid discomfort, do not use boiling water.

    After bathing, expose yourself to sunlight for 10-20 minutes, so your aura can recharge with good energies.

    You will immediately feel cleansed and purified, with a deep sense of renewal.

    If you suffer from low blood pressure, avoid this bath, which can cause low pressure and possibly fainting if you are already feeling weak.

    If you feel your blood pressure drop while bathing, get out of the bath, and rinse off with fresh water.

    Idea 2: Cleansing Of The Body: The Purifying Smoke Of Sage

    The smoke of sage as a purifier of the physical body is an ancestral technique that has proven itself.

    The smoke of white sage is known to the Indians of North America as a very effective purifier.

    The shamans have used it successfully for over 20 years to eliminate the negative vibrations and clean the aura and bad energy.

    Sage emits negative ions, an excellent material that can also be found in the air just after a big storm or ocean.

    To perform spiritual cleansing of your body, light some dry sage and guide the smoke over your head, over your face; in front and to the sides of your body, under your feet, around your hands and arms. , and on your back (where you can access).

    Idea 3: Spiritual Cleansing Of The Body: The Regenerating Rays Of The Sun

    The spiritual cleansing of your body can be done very quickly by the sun's rays, which allow you to nourish and enlarge your aura.

    Spending time in the open air, in nature, it is also very healthy for your body, but also your head and your spirit.

    The sun's rays will give you energy and optimism and provide you with vitamin D, while nature will nourish your senses.

    To perform a spiritual cleansing of your body, simply go outside!

    Go for a walk and take a step in the sun, sit under the sunshine, in a place that you love, and where you feel good energy flooding through you.

    When you get home, you are going to feel cleansed.

    spiritual cleansing bath

    Idea 4: Spiritual Cleansing Of The Body: The Extraordinary Purifying Powers Of Sea Salt

    To benefit from the purifying virtues of sea salt on your physical body and your aura, it is best to bathe in the sea or the ocean.

    This will cleanse your aura and completely take away any stress you may be feeling.

    The sun grows and nourishes your character, while the sea takes away all the negativity!

    If you don't live near the ocean or the sea, you can use a sea salt scrub before your shower.

    To do this, take a good pinch of sea salt in your hand and rub your entire body before washing.

    This will help remove dead cells from your physical body, refresh your aura, and draw toxins out of your body.

    Idea 5: Spiritual Cleansing Of The Body: Purify Yourself With Cold Water

    The cold showers have extraordinary virtues: that of eliminating the negativity of your auric field and your energy fields, of removing toxins, of improving blood circulation, of toning, and of enhancing the tension of the physical body.

    After a cold shower, you will feel that your thoughts are clearer; you will feel light and full of energy.

    This technique is beneficial for aura cleansing in particular, and it is the most natural and most accessible technique for efficiently and effectively cleansing the physical body.

    Final Tip

    We are spending more and more time in confined spaces away from nature. Taking this into account, it is more than important to revitalize your body and mind.

    But how? Well… Through a spiritual detox.

    As soon as you feel a little demoralized or fatigue takes over, tell yourself one thing: it is probably due to the influences of negative energies, caused by your daily problems or by your hectic pace of life.

    It is precisely because of this rhythm of life that it is often difficult to find a little time to practice activities capable of helping us to produce positive energies and to live healthier.

    Feeling demoralised and tired are just two of the many signs that reflect the need for spiritual cleansing rituals.

    Also if you think you need some spiritual guidance, click here to learn 6 practical steps you can take today to be receive more guidance.

    These are also needed whenever you are having trouble sleeping properly; when nothing interests you anymore and you would rather stay indoors than go out when you have the chance.


    Find out how these signs can help you attract what you want in business, relationships and in life.

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    7 Sacred Signs From the Universe

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