July 24


6 Practical Steps You Can Take Today to Receive Spiritual Guidance

July 24, 2020

In order to receive spiritual guidance, one has to be in alignment with the energy which he/she wants to receive guidance from.

The simple act of doing or practising the steps aligned below is not enough.

You have to be in peace internally in order to recognise if the spiritual guidance you are receiving is contributing for the good of all or not.

If you are seeking guidance but have internal turmoil, that makes it hard to listen to your guide even if guidance is being given to you at that point.

As time advances, the tendency is that we become more and more disconnected from ourselves and more and more connected virtually.

We have to become accustomed to spend some alone time with ourselves. It can be scary at times, especially if you are not used to meditating or being by yourself.

But this alone time will help you develop an inner connection, peace and intuition.

You have everything you need inside of your self in order to feel enough and overcome any feelings of worthlessness, failure, lost or hopeless.


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7 Sacred Signs From the Universe

Spiritual Guidance in Today's World

In today's society, as we face problems never seen before, both individually and collectively, there is also a very high level of stress and concern that is affecting our bodies, minds and emotions on a daily basis.

Our lives are riddled with intensity as we witness widespread social, political and climate change, uncertainty about the future, and fear of what is to come.

As we get more connected virtually, it becomes easier to search and find spiritual guides or spiritual mentors across the globe.

You can easily browse the internet or download an app with resources that will help you find the guidance you need.

I believe we are in the middle of a spiritual awakening. I have never see so many people interested in developing emotionally and spiritually at once.

It is becoming less of a taboo as it used to be going to therapy or seeking help from eastern traditions and medicines.

The Bible in Mark 2:22 mentions ''And no one pours new wine into old wine skins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wine skins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wine skins."

That means that when you are spiritually awaken, you cannot remain the same, the knowledge that you now have, will have to transform you into someone new.

guided meditation for spiritual guidance

Are you Ready to Receive Spiritual Counselling?

We have all become very skilled in coping with stress, worry, concern, disappointment, anger and frustration.

And until we are ready to recognize that and let go of the coping mechanisms, it is hard for change to occur.

You will not get guidance if you think you do not need to be guided. And that is OK if you are there now. I have been too.

You can start slowly reconnecting with you inner soul, step by step. 

Reconnecting With Your Inner Intuition

We have all we need inside of us. A powerful way to navigate troubling times is by developing a connection with you inner intuition.

By that I mean, sitting with you in silence, and trying to find peace in the midst of the storm.

Some of us are more attuned to this inner guide, but it is like any other muscle in our body, practice makes it grow.

Here is an amazing video by Sonia Choquette on How Intuition Unveils Your True Self.

No matter how far out you believe you are or how disconnected you think you are from yourself. We can all go back to that restful place, that part of ourselves that does not seek coping mechanisms when trouble hits.

When you activate your intuition, you can start experiencing more and more of the spiritual reality around you.

The more we connect with our essence, the more we are able to express our truth and not be afraid of what others will think.

We get more bold in holding our ground and we do not try to please everyone, it is indeed a liberating feeling.

Learn How to Discern

In this new era of fake gurus and fake news/information, your inner guide will help you discern what will propel you into your higher self or what will block your moving forward.

Your intuition will help you greatly in relationships, not just romantic, but in business partnerships and friendships too.

You will be able to discern more easily motives behind actions and words.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, then once you decide to go out and find it, you will start attracting people, situations and resources that will help you in your journey.

If you pray out lout or declare to the universe that you are ready to be guided spiritually into a higher self, the Universe will hear and will guide you to the help that will serve for the good of all.

Now to the meat and potatoes and the steps that will help you receive spiritual guidance:

1- Have Fun & More Fun

This might sound like a joke or counter intuitive here, you might be thinking: Will, I am trying to get serious about this and you are telling me to have fun?

Indeed I am! And the reason for that is that, receiving guidance is about feeling good, and when you have fun you feel good.

When you feel good, you are more prone to listen to your inner guides and guides around you.

If you have young kids around you, you probably notice that they are much more connected internally and to their intuition.

Be more childlike, go run, jump on a trampoline, play outside, climb a tree; that will open you up to receive more guidance.

Remember, joy is one of the most powerful feelings there is.

2- Interact with Nature

I live in a big city and I so I treasure any moment I get to go to the countryside.

Being by nature always leaves me in awe, I usually try to be present when I am with it, by listening to the sounds, trees, wind, animals. It makes me feel alive.

Do you also feel peace when you are with or in it?

The nature is alive, the seas, trees, even the dirt. Many religions speak of the earth as a divinity, and is as alive as us.

The Bible is filled with stories where God used nature to speak to man, burning bush, seas parting, animals speaking.

Being one with nature provides the optimal experience in which you can receive spiritual guidance.

When you are with nature, try the following:

  • Become aware of your surroundings
  • Listen to the sounds around you
  • Practice gratitude for everything around you
  • See where your mind goes
  • Do not discount any form of guidance

Even a little bird can make you smile.

3- Say a Daily Prayer

Sometimes we tend to focus too much on ourselves, we tend to zero in on our issues, and think that because we got ourselves into it, we can get ourselves out of it.

Something happens when we look up and find something bigger than ourselves to focus in. To receive spiritual guidance, sometimes it is all you need to do.

Take your eyes off you, whatever you believe in, God, Allah, the Universe, or whatever makes sense to you.

Ask for help, ask for guidance, be sincere when doing it and it will come to you.

spiritual guidance tarot

4- Meditate

I have started meditating around two and half years ago, and I can tell you with assurance that it saved my life.

Nowadays, I try to meditate every morning for at least 20 minutes and I tell you I am out of sorts when I do not.

If you have never meditated, there are several apps that you can download for that such as Insight Timer and Headspace.

You can also search for meditations on Spotify as well as on YouTube. Click here to see our Miracle Meditation guide.

When you look within, breath deeply and open your heart, you align yourself with the energy required to receive any spiritual guidance.

5- Make Time for Self Care

If you are like most people, you probably have a routine.

There is nothing wrong with having one, but it might be the case that you are living on auto pilot, and it is hard to receive guidance when you are living like that day in and day out.

Furthermore, if you like to try to please everyone, you probably put them above you, their needs above yours.

And that can be really damaging, try and start setting boundaries. Making time for yourself is not selfish, it is needed for you to recharge to then give back.

Put yourself first when it comes to caring, and that will put you in a position to receive the guidance that you need.

give moral or spiritual guidance

6- Journal

On the same way that expressing our emotions and feelings by saying them out loud, helps get lighter and free. Expressing them by writing them down does just the same.

Writing down your feelings can be a powerful way of unloading your worries, making way for divine intervention and guidance.

Also, our minds are not the best sometimes on remembering things, if you write it down, you can go back to it to experience what you wrote, again.

It is not in vain that the Bible, the Quran and many other religious books are in written form.

Make a habit of journaling every day, it could be at the end of the day or at the beginning.

Write down your disappointments, fun moments, dreams, aspirations, intents, hurts, pain and everything you can think of.

By writing without an agenda, your mind is free to wander and so more prone to receive guidance from above.

Final Words on Receiving Spiritual Direction

We know that the path to spirituality and emotional freedom can be hard, but it is certainly worth it. And you should not do it alone.

Because of that we think you would benefit from this 7 Day Prayer Miracle , which will help you start receiving guidance the right way.

Spirituality is about taking the road less travelled, the inner journey and seek for answers within.

We hope you can receive the spiritual guidance you need at this moment using the methods described in this guide.


Find out how these signs can help you attract what you want in business, relationships and in life.

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7 Sacred Signs From the Universe

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