December 26


Understand the the Raikov Effect & How Can Change Your Life

December 26, 2020

Human brains are true miracles of nature.

They are incredibly sophisticated, capable of interpreting thousands of different senses every minute and instantly integrating them into a coherent whole.

Most of the sensory input we make use of yet never consciously process. This happens at the moment you recognize the person standing at the door of the bar as someone you know from school.

You do not consciously see the person, recognize his face, hear his remark and recall that he was a classmate who used to be quite funny, or feel the slight agitation that his words are bound to cause.

It happens without your conscious involvement and is the essence of “psychology,” the ability to unconsciously process the people around us.

Humans, even after 1,00,000's years of evolution, haven't yet developed conscious access to this ability.

Did you ever meet someone who made you hope that you could become more like them right away?

Are there authors, business people, academics, and musicians whose mentality you'd just like to embrace?

Often, everybody feels that way, and thinking that it's not possible to become another person can be disappointing.

And what if you could download the genius of someone you respect?

We still cannot access the true power of the human mind, the full potential of our brain. But thanks to the Raikov Effect, we finally can!


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What Is Raikov Effect?

The Raikov Effect is believed to be a technique that allows a person to acquire knowledge of one's own experience, abilities, and talents, that have long been forgotten or unrealized.

The purported phenomenon originates from the work of the Russian psychologist Vladimir Raikov.

His approach concentrated on posing and behaving like geniuses, such as Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein, so that learners could develop their mentality at the genius level and reach their ways of thought.

By "trying to pretend" that you are someone else, his method of collecting thoughts and knowledge astounded scientists and it became recognized as the Raikov Effect.

In his research, he demonstrated the possible existence of two hidden layers of a person’s consciousness.

The two states of consciousness, or mind, are called "subconscious" and "superconscious."

The Raikov Effect is a hypnotic state in which bypasses the subconscious and communicates directly with the superconscious.

As a result, information that was previously only available to the subconscious is made known to the conscious mind.

Understanding Raikov Effect in Detail

Generally, the Raikov Effect is thought to help you release latent talents and to uncover capabilities you didn't know were there.

Under this theory, geniuses are simply people who are able to tap into this talent pool and find ways to put the information and abilities that they find to good use.

Simply put, the Raikov Effect holds that everyone is able to be a genius and to achieve in ways that would generally be seen as extraordinary.

The possible implication here is that you can accomplish anything you want.

But to achieve greatness, you must first learn how to access the power that is in you.

The effects can be highly varied and personal, depending on the person.

They could be anything between getting rid of a nervous twitch to the development of a completely new talent that didn't exist before.

The new skills, talents, and knowledge that have been released also seem to last in times after returning to the ordinary conscious state of mind.

According to researchers, the effects could be longer lasting than the session.

The new skills or knowledge would seem to retain themselves in a way that would imply that they were permanently inherent in the person even after the person has returned to their normal conscious state.

Acquired Skills & Knowledge

This, however, is just speculation. More research is needed to find an accurate answer here.

The results of the Raikov Effect are not always consistent, and there is no way to be sure how it will affect individuals.

For example, some people can completely release their fears; others won't notice anything.

It is not possible to predict the outcome of performing the Raikov Effect before having tried it.

The Raikov Effect is not a technique that can be practiced by anyone who decides that they would like to attempt it.

It is considered most effective when performed by a trained hypnotist, and so, for obvious reasons, it is not typically taught by books or classes.

It demands years of study and rigorous training in the art of hypnosis.

Despite this, the results of the Raikov Effect are hard to argue with. There have been thousands of people who have reported unbelievable changes in their lives due to the Raikov Effect.

the raikov effect

The Raikov Effect in Terms of Hypnosis

The Raikov Effect is believed to induce a hypnotic trance that can be coupled with suggestions. Most of the results reported from this type of procedure come from Raikov himself and his contemporaries.

It is not a widely practiced procedure.

The Raikov Effect has been successfully applied to a wide range of issues, including the treatment of phobias, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and obesity.

Panic attacks, depression, pain syndrome, migraine, chronic pain, fears, depression, smoking, memory disorders, alcoholism, and other forms of self-destructive behaviors are also reportedly benefited from the Raikov Effect.

Once the hypnotist has achieved a deep level of concentration, the Raikov Effect can be performed directly as a hypnotic suggestion, or it can be developed on an indirect approach.

Furthermore, a method of self-experimentation exists, which could help those who are able to induce the Raikov Effect on their own by making decisions and following suggested procedures.

The Raikov Effect is not just the process of reaching the state of superconsciousness and releasing the hidden abilities.

It is the whole process of transforming the entire body and mind into something more useful and gifted.

Does it Work?

The Raikov Effect has been used for many years, but the results it provides are largely contingent upon the skill and experience of the hypnotist who administers it.

This is another reason why you should always choose a well-trained, well-experienced hypnotist when deciding to go through the Raikov Effect.

The most important part of any hypnosis session is the suggestion.

There are many people who look at the question of whether the Raikov Effect works merely from the point of view of the state of super consciousness itself.

In reality, the crucial factor in this type of therapy is the hypnotic suggestion.

Assuming that a person is able to enter the superconscious state; he will get the answers to any questions he asks, but hypnotic suggestions will direct them towards useful information; while preventing him from becoming overwhelmed and completely distracted by too much information.

By using the Raikov Effect, it is believed that an individual is able to uncover hidden skills, talents, and knowledge that had been previously forgotten or unrealized.

The technique embeds hypnotic suggestion of success, achievement, self-confidence, and motivation and helps the person visualize where he wants to be as well as how he is going to get there.

This helps eliminate negative self-talk helping to build positive emotions and self-confidence.

Since the Raikov Effect is not a mainstream practice, there is little research done to determine if it is truly an effective means of unlocking one's potential.

It has been successful in controlled environments, and there is no reason to think it would not work for you or anyone seeking to improve their lives and their abilities.

raikov effect

Will it Work on Me?

There are so many factors that play a part in the Raikov Effect that nothing can be said for sure until you have tested yourself.

The Raikov Effect's promise of success ties into the power of your mind.

And although it has been shown to help thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people, there are no guarantees.

Final Words

The Raikov Effect is an extremely effective hypnosis technique, and it is very popular in Russia and many other countries.

Some can even say it grasps concepts from other streams of thought, religion or philosophy such as the Law of Attraction.

Indeed it has similarities to it, when you visualize yourself with a certain mindset or thought patters of people you admire.

Except that this method focuses on the people gone before us, that already achieved what we were looking for.

Whether the Raikov Effect works for someone or not depends on the individual.

It can truly allow a person to unlock their true potential and bring out or improve some of their hidden skills, talents, and knowledge.

I do believe it can bring a completely new change in one's whole life.

If you try it, you will have a unique opportunity to discover the power your mind holds, what you are capable of achieving.

You can also live a better life, and happier, with more possibilities than you may have thought, were possible for you before.

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Discover how successful people manifest their thoughts into reality and how you can do it too!

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